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Commercial property for sale in Istanbul is one of the simplest ways to make a profit for investors.

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Commercial property for sale in Istanbul is one of the simplest ways to make a profit for investors. 

You will not only have a commercial property, but you will also have an investment tool that will allow you to make quick profits.

You can buy property for the sake of continuing your business activities such as shopping malls, markets, production areas, and warehouses.

You can turn your capital into profit quickly and safely.

Commercial property for sale in Istanbul

If you are looking for commercial property in Istanbul in order to start or run a business, we have attractive offers for you.

Would you like to receive information about special offers and commercial real estate for sale?

Submit your contact information with the form. 

Our sales consultants will list the most suitable commercial real estate alternatives for you.

Why buy a commercial property in Istanbul?

Commercial real estate in Istanbul is one of the most important tools for the investor who is looking for a profitable commercial investment in a guaranteed way, and this varies among several options available through our real estate consultants who will help you get the best offers for commercial real estate that you want to buy.

Istanbul is one of the most important cities where a profit can be made through commercial real estate, by owning a shop, a shopping center, or land on which real estate can be built, and even a hotel with international specifications.

Types of commercial property in Istanbul

  • Hotel for sale
  • Land for sale
  • Office for sale in Istanbul
hotel for sale in turkey

Hotel for sale in Turkey

 is the right decision to start with a solid investment, Deal Real Estate will help you find the right options for investing in Turkey, look for boutique hotels or 5-star luxury hotels. 

If you want to buy a hotel with extensive facilities in Turkey, our consultants will offer the right option for you. 

If you are planning a big investment in Turkey then you are about to take a big step forward.

land for sale in turkey

Land for sale in Turkey

If you are planning to buy land in Turkey to add a great investment value to your life, the land for sale might be ideal. 

If you choose to purchase vacant land, you may have the opportunity to make a dramatic transformation in your life.

Recently, the land in Turkey most favored by investors has expanded from the comfort zone of capital owners who obtain planning permits, and electricity, water, and gas connections.

If you cannot find the property you are looking for and want to design a building yourself or if you want a private property, then the land for sale in Turkey would be ideal.

When you consider the declining stock of land in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, in the areas of the Istanbul Canal, you may need to hurry. 

You can contact our sales consultants to find the most valuable land for sale in Turkey. 

Also, you can find out that a real estate property would be ideal for you. 

Real estate for sale in Turkey will provide many opportunities for those looking for a property.

office for sale in turkey

Office for sale in Turkey 
The city of Istanbul has a large number of areas, the commercial areas with the passage of time have become more specific and attracted a large number of investors who are looking to buy an office that will facilitate the process of starting work next to the financial and commercial centers in the city

Therefore, the European part of the city is a better option than the Asian part, as it has a large number of privileges such as roads and metro stations, so we have carefully chosen for you the best areas to buy an office in Istanbul

Turkish citizenship by investment

Real estate investment option, is the easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship with the family, real estate investment is one of the best ways by buying one or more properties with a value of no less than 250.000 USD in return for not disposing of it for 3 years, i.e. not selling it.

Can foreigners buy a property for sale in Turkey?

Buying real estate in Turkey is a useful investment, especially for foreigners. 

If you live outside Turkey and want to buy an investment property that generates profits, you will find hundreds of suitable apartments that bring profits for you while you are outside Turkey, as foreigners can buy a property online from the country in which you reside. 

in it. The Turkish government also helped open several Tapu installation centers in several countries.

There are always wide options for buying apartments in Turkey such as luxury villas, duplexes, penthouses, studio apartments, or apartments in towers. 

We advise you to think carefully before deciding to buy a property and our consultants will help you make the right choice.

Steps to buying a property for sale in Turkey

  • Submit a free consultation request with our specialized team
  • · Request a virtual tour if you do not have the opportunity to come to Turkey
  • Determine the budget for buying a property in Turkey
  • Learn about the available options
  • Determine alternatives when necessary
  • Visiting the project or real estate
  • Submitting the necessary documents to confirm the contracts

Deal Real Estate provides you with a large number of available properties that suit your ambitions, you can see the available options below, you can also go to the following pages directly, taking into account your interest

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