The most famous market in Istanbul

Get to know the most famous market in Istanbul

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The city of Istanbul in Turkey is one of the most famous cities around the world, as it is a vital region and an important economic capital for Turkey and has many factors that make it an ideal climate for various types of investment, especially real estate investment in Turkey as it is a connecting point between Asia and Europe. It is distinguished as the only city in Turkey, which consists of two parts connected by the Bosphorus Strait, as it includes many impressive historical and tourist attractions that thousands of tourists flock to every year to take a look at it, and Istanbul includes many prestigious world-class universities that Science lovers flock to get a chance to complete their university education there, and Istanbul is the most populated city in all of Turkey, as it bustles with life and clamor at every moment and is filled with shops and markets that offer and display various goods and products to meet the needs of all residents and tourists as well. So much so that many prefer to call Istanbul after the shopping city.

The most famous popular markets in Istanbul:


Firstly: The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul:

The Grand Bazaar or Grand Bazaar is the most famous market in Istanbul and is the favorite destination for shopping enthusiasts from tourists coming to Turkey, as it sells various products and commodities such as textiles, pottery pieces, copper tools, ready-made clothes, cloth, ornamental jewelry, and also Food and spices and you can find the most beautiful souvenirs to give to loved ones upon your return to the homeland, and if you have experience in negotiation, you will be able to seize the opportunity to get an attractive deal at a price that is satisfactory to you.


Secondly: The Egyptian market in Istanbul:

This market has several names, including the Egyptian Market and the Roofed Spice Market, which is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and ranks second in the list of the largest markets in Istanbul, followed by the Grand Bazaar, which comes in the first place. The level of Turkey as a whole, and by searching and touring it, you will find the most beautiful gifts and souvenirs and the roofed spice market opens its doors to tourists and visitors during all days of the week and is preferred by many shoppers over other markets because of the attractive offers and deals that this market offers. The cheapest goods and commodities, especially food such as dried fruits, nuts, spices, and olives of both types, as well as vegetable oils and Turkish milk. During your visit to this market and wandering around its streets, you will feel the oriental touch that dominates it and the mixing of the ancient Ottoman culture with our present time. The smell of authentic oriental spices smells in your nose for several days after you visit the Covered Spice Market in Istanbul.


Third: Wednesday Market Bazaar in Istanbul:

This ancient market is located in the Fatih area in Istanbul, specifically at the back of the famous Fatih Mosque, and in the alleys of this market, there are thousands of street vendors, delicious food stalls, and original merchants who own the shops. The Wednesday Market Bazaar consists of seven main streets and seven Ten side streets and alleys, and the shops in this market sell various forms of goods, from fruits, vegetables, and ready-made clothes to tools and household necessities.


Fourthly: Nahhasin Market in Istanbul, Turkey:

As it appears from the name, this market specializes in selling copper products, specifically hand-made. The copper market is located in Beyazit and is considered one of the most famous historical markets in Istanbul and a favorite place by foreign tourists who search for hand-made copper pieces from to acquire and display them for decoration, because of the nobility and originality of these masterpieces in workmanship and appearance.


Fifthly: Arasta bazaar market in Istanbul, Turkey:

As for the Arasta market, it is located in the Sultanahmet area in the back of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and is distinguished by its presentation of the most beautiful fabrics and clothes made of silk and linens, and you can find in the market pieces of ceramics, which decorate each of them with distinctive drawings from the other as he sells The most beautiful handmade gifts.

The city of Istanbul is known as the largest city in Turkey and the most vibrant and prosperous city, and it has in its balance a significant amount of popular and modern markets and shopping malls, as some estimate that the number of markets spread throughout the city exceeds a hundred market. He confirms that the city of Istanbul has deservedly deserved the title of the economic capital in Turkey and the most famous city in the world, as although the political capital in Turkey is the city of Ankara, Istanbul competes strongly with the city of Ankara in various fields and investment sectors and is an important center To buy real estate in Turkeyand it is the first choice for foreign investors wishing to enter the real estate investment sector in Turkey, as this city has the potentials as a geographical location, a strong economy and a reputation in the world of investment



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