Why investors are rushing to buy real estate in Zeytinburnu

Why investors are rushing to buy real estate in Zeytinburnu

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Last update 25-12-2022
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Among the many places that the investors chose to take them as a place in which to establish their investments, and they found in it to achieve the endeavors that they want to reach, which is the Zeytinburnu area, the area that is suitable for the acquisition of real estate, whether for housing and stability or investment In both cases, the results will be impressive and great. What are these details in Zeytinburnu that made investors flock to them as we see today? These are minute details that we will be with accurately but through the next article.

-The most important main information about Zeytinburnu in Istanbul?

Here in this neighborhood, we are in Istanbul, Europe. This region has many advantages. First, it is the center of money and business. Most businessmen choose it to build their investment edifices in it. It will increase its support through transportation lines and add several additional commercial projects. All of these details lead to successful, superior, and profitable real estate. We must mention here that the infrastructure of Zeytinburnu is distinct and strong, but you may wonder in your heart the reason behind This area with that name? The answer is very simple. Here olive trees were planted earlier.

What are the most important details of Borno olives?

1- It contains some details that made it rise in the field of real estate investment, the first of which is that it contains modern neighborhoods and old popular neighborhoods, but modernity is starting to spread strongly.

2- Also, this area includes many huge residential complexes that are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and modern technologies, all of which have a splendid view of the Marmara Sea.

3- One of the information that we must know here is that Borno olives have a wonderful tourist character that attracts tourists to it every year, which increases its activity and movement.

4- This area includes many places, gardens, and green parks that provide a great opportunity for tourists and residents to take recreational tours.

5- There are a lot of places for children to play and they are very safe, in general, they are most entertaining.

6- Zeytinburnu includes many places designated for shopping, and all its shops include everything international and distinctive, and this is also reflected positively on the idea of ​​real estate investment.

7- The region never lacks distinguished and high-end educational institutions, and in this, we mean schools and universities, their educational institutions suitable for all age groups.

8- The E5 highway passes through its center and is one of the most important highways in all of Turkey, which increases its importance, and the new Eurasia Tunnel, which was opened a short time ago, is located close to it.

9- It is also important to mention that Zeytinburnu is close to the port of Bakirkoy, which facilitates sea transportation from Zeytinburnu to Yalova, Mudanya, and many other places.

10- We must know that life in Borno olives tends to be healthy and distinguished, as it is open to the fresh open air filled with oxygen atoms, and it is far from hustle and bustle and air pollutants.

What are the most important features of Zeytinburnu, which contributed to attracting investors to it?

1- Panorama Historical Museum:

This museum, although it is of a historical nature, has only been around for twelve years, and since that time its cost was five million US dollars. Visiting this museum is a very beautiful opportunity, as by visiting it there will be a great opportunity to learn about the details of the museum. The past and all the events that took place during the time of the Ottoman Empire, we must also know that this museum is equipped with the latest modern technologies and audio equipment. One of what makes this museum special in this way is that it has wonderful murals and an exquisite panoramic dome. The museum is surrounded by a garden from the outside Wonderful to walk around and discover the details.

2- Istanbul Castle Wall:

You can admire the beauty of these walls, which date back to a distant history and are still standing proudly until the present moment.

3- The Greek Church of the College:

She has this name and some called her the Virgin Mary, also she is in a close relationship with history and has undergone some modifications, but she still has the characteristics that were found on her the first time.

Finally, we can only say that these investors were right in what they did. Indeed, their choice was correct and paid off. Real estate investment in Zeytinburnu is marked by absolute success.

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