Turkish Citizenship

The application for obtaining Turkish citizenship goes through eight stages, as follows: 

  • The first stage: submitting papers and checking them from the state. 
  • The second stage: sending the papers to the capital, Ankara, to discuss the file and collect information. 
  • The third stage: the naturalization department evaluates the file. 
  • The fourth stage is research, audit, and survey with several directorates and ministries in Turkey to issue the final assessment. 
  • Fifth stage: collecting several approved applications into one list and submitting them for approval. 
  • Sixth stage: issuance of the final decision. 
  • The seventh stage: After ratification of the decision to grant citizenship, the files are sent to the Public Nufs Department. 
  • The eighth stage: Referring to the Nufus Department to receive the new identity. 
  • Note that in the case of applying for naturalization in return for an investment, the submission to the naturalization office will be immediately after fulfilling the investment conditions to obtain the investor’s residence and start studying the Turkish citizenship file. The naturalization decision is issued for the investor and his family if the file is approved. Passports and national identity cards can be received from Turkey or a Turkish representative abroad.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained for a Syrian citizen through one of the following methods: 

  • Fixed investment in Turkey with a value of not less than 500 thousand US dollars. 
  • Providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens. 
  • A bank deposit in a Turkish bank for $500,000. 
  • And if the Syrian investor obtains Turkish citizenship through one of these methods, he has the right to buy real estate in Turkey as any Turkish citizen.
No, proficiency in the Turkish language is not required to obtain Turkish citizenship.
The investor who obtains Turkish citizenship will enjoy all the rights of a Turkish citizen, and will obtain a Turkish passport, according to which he is entitled to enter several countries without a visa.
If you obtain Turkish citizenship after the age of 22, you will be exempted from military service in Turkey.
  • You are choosing a property suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship. 
  • You pay for the property by bank transfer from inside or outside Turkey. 
  • It is placing a reservation on the property that prevents it from being sold for three years after obtaining the title deed (Tapu). 
  • I am obtaining a letter from the Land Registry Directorate stating that the property conforms to the conditions for obtaining citizenship. 
  • Submit a request to the Naturalization Office to obtain the investor’s residence and study the file. 
  • If the file is approved, the naturalization decision shall be issued for the investor, his wife, and children under 18.
  • The investor and his family can receive passports and national identity cards from Turkey or one of the Turkish representations abroad.
After purchasing the property that meets the conditions of Turkish citizenship and submitting an application for Turkish citizenship, you and your family will be granted a residence permit.
It is possible to retain more than one nationality in Turkey, and there are no requirements on the part of the Turkish government related to giving up your original nationality upon obtaining Turkish citizenship.
No, residence in Turkey is not required to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing a property in Turkey, even if your permanent residence is outside Turkey.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through 4 methods as follows: 

  • The first method is residency in Turkey for 5 straight years with a work permit. 
  • The second method is exceptional Turkish citizenship, granted in special cases, including holders of higher degrees.
  •  The third method is a real estate investment of more than 400 thousand dollars, with a pledge not to sell the property before 3 years. 
  • The fourth method is obtaining Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage to a Turkish or Turkish citizen.
The period for issuing the naturalization decision is 45 days after receiving the completed document file.
  • Buying a property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish legal person (purchase from a Turkish real estate company, for example).
  • The property must have a regular title deed (a floor easement deed was issued for it - the Tapu), even if it is under construction. 
  • The price of the property should be more than 400 thousand US dollars.
  • Paying the property's price by bank transfer (bank transfer) from a bank outside Turkey or inside Turkey. 
  • The buyer undertakes not to sell the property for 3 years.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment with more than 400 thousand dollars in Turkey, with a pledge not to sell the property before 3 years.

General Information

Istanbul is the best place to buy an apartment in Türkiye, due to its investment importance. Among the areas of Istanbul in general, the areas and properties of the European side are particularly suitable for buying apartments. We mention some areas as examples, such as Basaksehir, Zeytinburnu, Beylikduzu, Avcilar and many others.

Most nationalities enjoy absolute freedom to buy real estate in Turkey, and there are only three countries whose citizens cannot own real estate in Turkey for political reasons, namely North Korea, Armenia, and Syria. In addition, there are other countries such as Greece and Russia whose citizens cannot specifically buy a property in some Turkish regions.

These companies are registered with the Turkish government, and they are independent institutions that evaluate real estate and compare it with neighboring properties. A real estate appraisal can provide you with information about the legal status of the property and the existence of any mortgages, if any.

The tapu in Turkey is the most important document in the field of real estate, as it constitutes the basic guarantee of property rights, and it is the document that expresses ownership of the property.

The real estate consultant gives you a clear estimate of the value of the property, and its basic principle revolves around providing advice for the advisory interest itself, and not for the purpose of selling. In contrast, the broker's response is usually "your order is available" and strives to present the offers available to him with the aim of convincing you of the importance of the particular area for the project that he understands, or tries very hard to convince you of the project that costs him a higher commission.

It is not required to reside in Turkey after purchasing the property, but the property should not be sold before 3 years.