Focus Pendik

"Focus Pendik" - Modern Living and Investment in Istanbul's Enchanting Pendik District

Focus PendikFocus PendikFocus PendikFocus PendikFocus PendikFocus PendikFocus PendikFocus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
Focus Pendik
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Стамбул Азиатский, Пендик


129,000 usd



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167 Km2

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Focus Pendik  Подробности

  • Situated in the captivating Pendik area on the Asian side of Istanbul, the "Focus Pendik" project boasts a distinctive contemporary design and many features that make it an ideal choice for both living and investment.
  • Encompassing a land area of 3,000 square meters, the "Focus Pendik" project comprises two 8-story buildings, offering residents panoramic views and exceptional vistas.
  • The project includes 121 residential units of various configurations, ranging from 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments to duplex units, catering to the needs of diverse families.
  • What sets "Focus Pendik" apart is the availability of comprehensive services and facilities that cater to residents' needs. From modern interior designs and finishes to diverse green spaces and recreational areas, the project has been meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and sustainable living environment.
  • The project's location further enhances its value, being near Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, allowing residents easy access to transportation and essential amenities. Additionally, the project benefits from its proximity to the nearby Marmaray metro line, facilitating seamless travel between the Asian and European sides of the city.
  • Furthermore, the project is surrounded by various commercial centers and malls, providing residents with an integrated shopping experience. The area also offers a variety of healthcare and educational facilities, making it an ideal environment for daily life.


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1 Km


2 Km

Центр города

40 Km

Торговый центр

2 Km


700 m


3 Km


3 Km


300 m


10 Km

Тем шоссе

3 Km

Способ оплаты и цены

Количество комнатМинимальное пространствоМинимальная цена
1 + 1 roi
62 m² 129,000 usd
2 + 1 roi
87 m² 165,000 usd
2 + 1 Duplex roi
120 m² 270,000 usd
3 + 1 roi
171 m² 325,000 usd
3 + 1 Duplex roi
130 m² 277,000 usd
Последнее обновление 11-08-2023
50% Первоначальный взнос

Ежемесячный платеж за 18 Месяц .

Почему  Focus Pendik

  • The "Focus Pendik" project, nestled in the enchanting Pendik area, is renowned as one of the most beautiful regions on the Asian side of Istanbul. This locale boasts natural beauty and a consistently increasing investment value.
  • What sets "Focus Pendik" apart is its prime location near major transportation hubs. Positioned adjacent to the Pendik istansyonu Metro 4 station, accessing various parts of the city is a breeze. But that's not all – the project is also near the seafront and marina, allowing residents to relish breathtaking vistas and an exceptional atmosphere.
  • Surrounding the project, you'll find an array of commercial centers and malls, including the Pendorya Shopping Center, ensuring that shopping experiences are enjoyable and convenient. Premium healthcare facilities like the Medicine Hospital and esteemed educational institutions like Kuzucuklar Anaokulu School and Uluslararası Saraybosna University are also within reach.
  • For residents of "Focus Pendik," the expansive Pendik Park, a vast green space, is just a stone's throw away. This park teems with recreational activities, offering an ideal environment for relaxation and leisurely pursuits. The project's interior and exterior finishes exude beauty and elegance, complemented by extensive green spaces spanning 1,350 square meters, fostering a soothing natural environment for residents.
  • The meticulous design of the project's apartment layout maximizes space utilization and ensures that inhabitants enjoy lush green views. Quality extends beyond design and finishes – the project encompasses integrated amenities such as pools, clubs, Turkish baths, saunas, steam rooms, and a comprehensive range of services catering to residents' needs.
  • In a nutshell, "Focus Pendik" is an ideal choice for those seeking luxurious living and real estate investment opportunities in the splendid Pendik region. With its stunning features and all-encompassing services, this project offers a chance to live and revel in a distinct lifestyle where nature and comfort seamlessly converge. Discover the gateway to a new level of luxury living and investment potential with "Focus Pendik."
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Прогулочная зона
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why project
why project
Детская площадка
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Зеленая зона
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Крытый бассейн
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