Lavin Marmara

Discover sophisticated living at Lavin Marmara, offering versatile residences, strategic location, and exceptional amenities in Istanbul's thriving Beylikdüzü.

Lavin MarmaraLavin MarmaraLavin MarmaraLavin MarmaraLavin Marmara
Lavin Marmara
Lavin Marmara
Lavin Marmara
Lavin Marmara
Lavin Marmara
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Стамбул Европейский, Бейликдюзю


239,513 usd



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37 Km2

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Lavin Marmara  Подробности

Lavin Marmara – A Tranquil Retreat of Elegance and Modern Living

Location: Nestled in the thriving Beylikdüzü - Kavakli area on the European side of Istanbul, Lavin Marmara offers a serene escape with breathtaking sea views.

Design and Lifestyle: Meticulously crafted for astute investors, Lavin Marmara showcases exquisite apartments tailored for families of all sizes.

Architectural Excellence: Spanning a generous 2000 square meters, Lavin Marmara boasts two 5-story residential buildings, epitomizing architectural sophistication.

Variety of Residences: A curated selection of 40 apartments for sale, including 2+1, 3+1, and 4+2 duplexes with terraces, ranging from 127 to 240 square meters.

Size Options: Units cater to diverse preferences, offering living spaces from a comfortable 127 square meters to a spacious 240 square meters.

Luxurious Living Spaces: Beyond residences, Lavin Marmara presents thoughtfully designed living spaces ensuring privacy and panoramic views.

Comprehensive Amenities: Indulge in a host of amenities, including:

  • Tranquil green spaces
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Ample parking facilities
  • 24/7 guarding and security
  • Continuous camera monitoring

Strategic Location: Explore the prime location of Lavin Marmara, offering proximity to:

  • Wadi Al Hayat (Yasham Wadisi) in just 2 minutes
  • Schools within a convenient 2-minute reach
  • The main E5 street in a mere 15 minutes
  • The marina is just 5 minutes away
  • A 2-minute walk to the bus station
  • Only 3 minutes to the nearest hospital
  • Marmara Park Mall is a leisurely 7-minute drive
  • Istanbul New Airport accessible within 50 minutes

In essence, Lavin Marmara isn't just a residence; it's an embodiment of refined living, offering a harmonious blend of urban elegance and natural tranquility in the heart of Istanbul.

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7 Km


500 m

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7 Km


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900 m


40 Km

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8 Km

Способ оплаты и цены

Количество комнатМинимальное пространствоМинимальная цена
2 + 1 roi
127 m² 239,513 usd
3 + 1 roi
141 m² 265,607 usd
4 + 2 Duplex roi
240 m² 452,931 usd
Последнее обновление 23-01-2024
50% Первоначальный взнос

Ежемесячный платеж за 12 Месяц .

Почему  Lavin Marmara

Strategic Excellence: Unlocking Unrivaled Living at Lavin Marmara

Innovative Living: Lavin Marmara presents a diverse array of apartments, tailored to meet the needs of every family. Designed with the discerning investor in mind, it provides a serene living environment, avoiding the bustling crowds often found in typical residences.

Convenient Accessibility: Beyond a mere living space, this project ensures easy access to daily necessities, shopping centers, hospitals, and educational institutions. Offering a unique investment opportunity, it guarantees a delightful lifestyle in an uncluttered residential atmosphere, catering to those who value tranquility.

Prime Beylikdüzü Location: Situated in the thriving Beylikdüzü area, a hub of premium real estate investments, Lavin Marmara stands out for its superior quality and organized urban development. Surpassing other neighborhoods in Istanbul, this region has witnessed remarkable profits in real estate investments within short periods.

Strategic Advantage:

45 minutes from New Istanbul Airport: Seamless connectivity to global destinations.

3 minutes from the E5 Motorway: Easy access to major transportation arteries.

Nearest Public Bus Stop (2 minutes away): Convenient public transportation.

Proximity to Marina: Immediate access to the marina enhances the coastal ambiance within just 1 minute, adding an exclusive layer to Lavin Marmara's allure.

In Essence, Lavin Marmara: Epitomizes modern luxury living, offering versatile residences, a plethora of amenities, and a strategic location. An ideal haven for those seeking an elevated lifestyle in the heart of Istanbul, where innovation meets tranquility.

Prime Beylikdüzü Location: This exceptional project is located in the highly sought-after Beylikdüzü area, renowned for its scenic beauty and urban sophistication.

Urban Excellence: Beylikdüzü experiences continuous urban development, making it a key destination for investors, tourists, and those seeking opulent living. Its strategic positioning adds to its allure.

Investment Magnet: Recognized as a hotspot for major investors, Turkish and foreign alike, the region has become a lucrative hub and a preferred location for those seeking opulence.

Real Estate Sector Triumph:

Continuous Expansion: Ongoing development and dynamic real estate projects characterize the sector's consistent growth.

Charming Residences: Distinguished by projects offering captivating views of lush green landscapes and serene seas.

Impact on Property Prices: Continuous urbanization plays a pivotal role in elevating real estate prices, extending beyond residences to substantial growth in land values.

In Summary, Beylikdüzü: With its strategic location, continuous urban development, and aesthetic real estate projects, stands as a thriving center for real estate investments in Istanbul. The confluence of natural beauty, strategic positioning, and dynamic growth positions this locale as a lucrative destination for investors and those seeking an elevated living experience.

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