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There is no doubt that Turkey today is considered one of the most famous countries in the world, and of course, it was able to dig a name for itself among the major countries and this is of course due to the economic renaissance it witnessed during the past few years and which it took to the fore to push the wheel of progress and development in the country, The economic success was reflected in all aspects of life in Turkey and covered all areas and the largest share was for the real estate sector in Turkey, as it was able to attractinvestors from all over the world and push them to put their capital into real estate and real estate investment in Turkey thanks to the efforts made It includes the Turkish government, the facilities it provided, and the laws it issued, which are in the interest of the investor and guarantee his rights.

Today, we will talk in more detail aboutreal estate in Turkey in terms of its types and features that it enjoys, so stay with us ...


Types of real estate and apartments in Turkey:


If you want to buy a property in Turkey, we strongly encourage you to settle in the penthouse apartments, especially if you prefer an upscale and luxurious lifestyle as these properties provide their residents with a high degree of sophistication and are often located on the upper floors of residential buildings and are built On the modern way with the availability of all new systems and advanced tools to facilitate life and keep pace with modernity in the world.

Penthouses have an attractive view that captures the mind and is usually located in the heart of the city, and it is possible to have its own elevator as well as a car park, so we find that its system is closer to small villas within the city.



The designation of the duplex comes from the fact that the apartment consists of two floors connected by an internal staircase, and each floor can be considered a separate property where there is a bathroom, kitchen, and separate rooms, and this type of apartment is preferred by large families to enjoy privacy and at the same time reduce costs when buying a villa, for example, and there is no doubt that duplexes are a good choice for all lovers of luxury and spacious areas.


Sea view apartments:

Turkey, as it is known, has a strategic location as it overlooks several seas, which gives it great value and enables it to benefit from these views by creating properties that have a sea view, and apartments with a sea view are an ideal option for those who wish to spend holidays in Turkey and Enjoy the sunrise and sunset with a scene of self-ease and clears the mind, and most of these apartments are located in Istanbul, Antalya, and Trabzon.


Triplex apartments:

Given its name, triplex apartments consist of three floors and are, as is the case with duplexes, are intended for large families who prefer to stay in the same property with respect for privacy in that each floor can be considered a separate apartment, and one of the things that you can benefit from apartments The triplex is that you can rent each floor separately, or you can move your business to one of the floors or take advantage of the space by opening your own project, as we see there are many options available that meet the human need.


Studio apartments:

These apartments are the ideal choice for students who complete their education in Turkey or for workers looking for a property in Turkey to buy or rent, and that, of course, is due to the cheap price of these apartments when compared with the regular apartments that a person cannot buy.

And this apartment consists of a bedroom and a living room in addition to the kitchen and bathroom, and thus it is suitable for those who live alone without the family and children, especially in the event of a desire to reduce expenses and the location of these properties is often close to the city center to suit the worksite or universities.


Hotel apartments in Turkey:

It is no secret to anyone that Turkey is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world and is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the globe, and this is what prompted the need for this type of apartment, as it is very suitable for those who want to stay for a short period in Turkey to enjoy a vacation and vacation Distinctive and comfortable, as these apartments enjoy a high degree of modernity and contain everything that a family may need during their stay in Turkey, and the costs of accommodation in them are considered low when compared with other types, and the location of these apartments is often within the city center near historical sites. And archaeological sites, as well as entertainment and service centers, if you want to spend a short time in Turkey, we recommend that you stay within these apartments.


Thus, we have listed for you the most important types and forms of real estate in Turkey, and here we must note that the idea of ​​buying a property in Turkey is a successful and important idea for everyone who wants to achieve profits, andreal estate investment in Turkey is one of the best and most successful investments and what It continues to develop every day and moment to advance the reality of the Turkish economy and maintain its position.


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