Luxury real estate in Istanbul

The most important areas that contain luxury real estate in Istanbul

Luxury real estate in Istanbul
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Last update 25-12-2022
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There is a category of people, especially investors, who are always looking for distinctive, luxurious, and upscale properties, but these properties will only be found in luxurious and high-end areas as well. Can this type of real estate be found in Istanbul if the buyer chooses it? And if so, where exactly can you find it? These points can be found in the following article.


-Luxury areas in Istanbul that contain luxury real estate:

1- Beyoğlu District:

This area is located in the European section of the city and is considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious neighbourhoods and areas in the middle of Istanbul. It is considered very special, because the real estate character that dominates it is the residential complexes, which in turn are considered very luxurious, and it also includes some shops Commercial, distinctive brands, and prestigious malls, and despite all these specifications that any real estate searcher dreams of, their prices are not unbearably high, but on the contrary, they are suitable for most social classes.


2- Basaksehir area:

The Basaksehir area in Istanbul is one of the newly built areas in Turkey, and the surprising thing is that during this short period it was able to be one of the areas of wide fame and a promising future, especially in terms ofreal estate investment. Their orientation towards it is dense, Basaksehir is characterized by being surrounded by calm and serenity, as it has many services. It is enough to know that it includes one of the largest medical cities in the world, in addition to its proximity to important development projects in the country, all these details make it a distinctive destination for those looking for quality and excellence.


3- Basin Express:

One of the most important areas in Istanbul is remarkably luxurious / equipped with the best modern technologies / its infrastructure simulates international modernity and projects are still being established in it until this moment, close to important sites such as Istanbul International Airport and Ataturk Airport, and these things make it a popular real estate investment destination The greatest number of investors because it can achieve success for them and the results that they want to reach. The type of real estate that dominates the region is the residential complexes, which indicates the level of that real estate accurately.


4- Beylikduzu:

This is the modern destination that is located within Istanbul with all its details, its infrastructure / its markets / its modern construction / the modernity of its interior decorations / the view that real estate enjoys in it and it is free and this is preferred by the vast majority of people. Beylikdüzü has always witnessed the construction of modern real estate projects, and it is It always records an increase in the price of its real estate, which reassures real estate buyers that it will be profitable and its financial returns will be high.


5- Sariyer:

This area, the real estate in which there are wonderful and luxurious in an indescribable way, is, as it is said, integrated real estate. The view is luxurious, and the internal specifications of the property are unobtrusive, and from the outside, there is a variety of service packages, but the only thing that makes it unsuitable for some is that real estate prices are very high and this does not agree So many material budgets that those who visit it almost feel that those who live there all belong to one social class, the rich and the businessmen.


6- Uskudar:

This area is located in the Asian section of Istanbul. It is characterized by simplicity mixed with the element of luxury, which gives it a special splendour that cannot be found elsewhere in Turkey. It has many advantages, the most important of which is that it overlooks the Bosphorus Strait, and it also includes some service centers that make life comfortable. Like health centers and educational institutions / We must also mention that this area includes many beautiful parks, in the end, it is a luxurious investment area, the results will be guaranteed, so that the real estate from the inside is characterized by its distinctive and modern design that suits all tastes and desires.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that Istanbul is full of places and regions that include luxury real estate, and we tried in the previous lines to mention a part of it, and this is not all. There is still the rest of the conversation.



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