Flats for sale in istanbul european side

Flats for sale in istanbul european side, the distinctive areas and the prices of the apartments that suit the budget allocated for buying a property on the European side

Flats for sale in istanbul european side
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Last update 16-03-2023
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What are the advantages of living on the European side in Istanbul?

A large number of turkey properties are available for sale in Istanbul, especially on the European side of the city, where there is the largest population density and also the largest economic activity and tourism as well

so it is the first destination for a large number of tourists and local residents with the availability of a large number of universities, foreign schools, and international consulates

Then there are many advantages to living or buying Flats for sale in European side as it is an obvious destination for a large number of investors, so it is important if you are looking for investment or housing, the European side is better than the Asian side in terms of the number of options available as well as the services provided by the Turkish government.

Through our website, you can follow the latest projects with all their advantages and characteristics. 

You can check the latest prices, special payment plans, floor plans, location features, pictures of apartment models, and many other details on the project pages. 

By submitting your contact information to our expert sales consultants via the form, you can get information and see opportunities that have been developed especially for you.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side

Flats for sale in istanbul european side

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Taksim 

Flats in Taksim Galata, you can easily find an apartment that suits your budget and lifestyle. Apartments in Taksim stand out as modern buildings that have been developed to add value to your life.

Before you buy an apartment in Taksim, which can be considered the center of Istanbul, you can review the latest information from our extensive real estate portfolio. You can find all the detailed information about payment plans, current real estate projects, floor plans, different types of apartments, and apartments for sale in Taksim.

Taksim is considered one of the most important tourist and Istanbul investment destinations, so it is a great choice for housing or investment, as it is in the center of Istanbul

If you wish, send your contact information to our real estate advisors with the form. You can check out our real estate portfolio filled with apartments that are most suitable for you and private apartments that have been developed in line with your requests. Buy your dream home without wasting time by getting information through our professional sales advisors!

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Sisli

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Sisli offer homes that suit your budget and living conditions. Deal Real Estate will be your guide to your residential investment with its wide real estate portfolio in which you can find the latest options for Sisli apartments! 

Sisli area in the city center is very close to the Taksim area, but it is characterized by a little distance from the crowded areas and is characterized by a large number of residential services and a large number of shopping centers and other services

If you want to buy an apartment close to the most popular street shopping malls, living areas, historical centers, and many other important locations in Istanbul, keep looking. Before buying an apartment, be sure to check out all the options listed in our extensive real estate portfolio, and join direct tours of apartments for sale with our expert sales advisors.

Buy one of the apartments in Sisli as it is one of the most popular living centers in Istanbul. apartments for sale in istanbul european side

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Maslak 

Check out our extensive real estate portfolio which has included special solutions for clients. You can study the apartments for sale in Istanbul Financial Center through our private professional consultancy service at Deal Real Estate

Realize lifetime earnings by taking advantage of special payment options and powerful investment opportunities. You can view the latest information about the projects here. You can live in a location close to the financial center of Istanbul and share the dynamic energy of city life in the most central area of ​​the city.

Be sure to find the projects if you want to have a life within walking distance of the commercial centers, shopping centers, the most valuable living places of the city, the coast, the most famous educational institutions, social and cultural complexes, and transportation links of Istanbul.

You can visit the project page for detailed information about the most affordable, prestigious, and convenient social options in Maslak. You can request an appointment with our expert sales consultants for more information. We will be happy to provide our professional services through our superior ability to find you the right option that fits your budget and requirements with the most suitable conditions!

Also, through our advisory team, you can discuss the issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment and benefit from the power of the Turkish passport

•Flats for sale in Istanbul Levent 

Apartments for sale in Levent, you can visit the project pages where you can find the most suitable alternatives for you. Levent, which is distinguished by its city center on the European side, has homes for every order. You can request special payment options, current housing prices, and information about the project on the project pages. Or, if you wish, you can contact your expert sales advisor.

Levent, the area close to the city center of Istanbul, its privileged location on the side of the city's financial center makes it a direct destination for a large number of investors who are looking to buy a home office in Istanbul

Do not waste your valuable time choosing what suits your budget and living standards among the rapidly developing brand housing projects in Levent. Visit our page on Levent residential projects to live in the city center where all transportation lines intersect. Also, a location where the heart of the business world beats, and the city's most valuable shopping malls are located.

Submit your contact details with the form to find ready to move home you are looking for in Levent. Meet your expert sales advisor to choose the home that best suits your circumstances. Buy the most suitable apartment according to your requirements in the most expensive place in the city right away.

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece

Istanbul Buyukcekmece apartments for sale offer all kinds of properties in Istanbul at affordable prices for homebuyers in Istanbul.

You can check all opportunities, housing options, current project information, payment plans, and all details on our project page if you want to buy a house in Buyukcekmece.

You can find villas, apartments, offices, or any type of property you are looking for in Buyukcekmece, especially properties with sea views swimming pool, or residential complexes. You can make a real estate purchase at the best prices and conditions. It may be close to transportation links, educational institutions, medical centers, shopping centers, and the most famous places in the city. By specifying only your demands, you can find a home in the price range that you can afford in line with your expectations without delay.

By sending your contact details to our expert real estate advisors, you can get detailed information and request special payment plans. You can take advantage of bank loans, discounts, or other opportunities.

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Kucukcekmece

Also available within our wide real estate portfolio. You can review many details such as the latest real estate projects, payment plans, pictures of apartment models, and multiple installments.

In this area, it is also possible to find properties suitable for your living conditions in almost every price range. You can send your contact details to our expert sales consultants with the form. In this way, you can get to know that and check out the most suitable apartments in a short time. We will be glad to contact you as soon as possible and provide our wonderful service facilities.

• Flats for sale in Istanbul Kagithane

Apartments in the Kagıthane area are housing options in which you can find the most ideal options for living in the most central part of the city. You can inspect the apartments in detail within our extensive real estate portfolio in line with your requests in Kağıthane as it is one of the most central locations in Istanbul. (read more)

You can find all the details of the latest projects and types of properties, apartment alternatives, and payment plans on the pages of our project.

You can find answers to Kağıthane district analysis, the real estate market, and all emerging questions with the help of our expert sales consultants. Submit your contact details with the form without delay. Take advantage of Deal real estate’s free consulting service and stand a chance to earn lifetime profit through secure transactions!

Flats for sale in beylikduzu Istanbul

• Flats for sale in beylikduzu Istanbul

The area is considered one of the most famous areas that provide the option of Properties for sale with sea view of the Marmara sea, and it is a great investment destination

Especially when searching for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul European side, due to its distinguished location, which helped a large number of construction companies in the advancement of the region and building a wide number of new housing options that suit a large number of people and families.

The price ofapartment in beylikduzu are reasonable, and the average property prices in Beylikduzu are 100,000 USD

noting that the average price has recently increased by a good rate and we expect a continuous rise in real estate prices this meets the aspirations of investors, in particular, Knowing that a large number of houses are suitable for Turkish citizenship.

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