What are the reasons for the heavy demand for the Turkish real estate market?

Several reasons led to the Turkish real estate market being of great importance and importance

What are the reasons for the heavy demand for the Turkish real estate market?
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Each result has several reasons... The heavy demand that the Turkish real estate market is witnessing today was not caused by tampering, but several important reasons led to it reaching the position it enjoys today... So what are these reasons? Is it so unique that it will impress all investors worldwide, despite their different nationalities, but they agreed on the importance of the real estate market in Turkey... But what are the reasons? This is what we will discover through the following lines... You can follow.

Several reasons led to the Turkish real estate market being of great importance and importance:


1- Stability that includes all fields and sectors in Turkey:

This factor is one of the most critical factors that contributed to attracting investors to the real estate market in Turkey... This stability certainly includes the economic aspect, which is a significant development and remarkable progress. Today, it has an advanced classification at the global level, as it has obtained the number thirteen. Efforts are being made to make it one of the closest numbers in the future.

Turkey is also distinguished at the political level by its close relations with many countries worldwide. This aspect benefits the investor in deepening the level of investment he makes.

It is essential to point out that Turkey is distinguished by its hospitable people who provide foreigners with the highest level of excellent social relations and allow them to build many friendships... Furthermore, it is essential to mention that many common denominators of customs and traditions exist between Turkish society and Arab societies. ... Based on this, the Turkish real estate market is often the destination for Arabs.


2- Existence of many development projects:

The presence of these projects contributes significantly to the distinctiveness of the real estate marketin Turkey... As Turkey contains many development projects distributed everywhere in it, especially in the city of Istanbul, which includes the best of them, such as the new Istanbul Airport, which was opened last year, And there is the new Istanbul Canal, which has been recently launched. It also contains the essential hospital in Turkey, the medical city of Basaksehir... These factors contribute significantly to raising the price of real estate for days.


3- The distinctive real estate diversities:

Turkey also relies on its success on the real estate level by offering many types of real estate that suit the requirements of all those wishing to own property in Turkey, in addition to the quality of materials used in construction, modern designs, and high accuracy... Also, all these aspects are in addition to the low prices of real estate, which are considered suitable for many people; this difference will be evident if compared with other countries.


4- The many privileges offered by the Turkish government:

-Many individuals prefer to buy a property in Turkey because it comes loaded with many gifts... The first thing that Turkish citizenship offers is if the property specifications conform to the conditions set .... and the most important of those conditions is that the property price is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. An American, and it must be committed after selling it before three years have passed from the date of its purchase...Turkish citizenship has high privileges.

- If the property cannot grant its owner Turkish citizenship, then he will be able to apply for a real estate residence permit that entitles those who hold it to live legally on Turkish land... Also, obtaining it is very easy and possible to renew.

- In addition to the fact that the value of taxes imposed on real estate is suitable for everyone as it is low .... There are also many cases in which the property owner is entirely exempt from taxes, for example, when he buys a property in an industrial area, he will be exempted from any tax.

So, the distinction enjoyed by the real estate market in Turkey did not come from tampering but was based on many points and details, and this is what we have tried to explain through the lines we mentioned earlier.


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