The foreign investor owns a commercial or residential property in Turkey

Learn about the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey that attract foreign investors

The foreign investor owns a commercial or residential property in Turkey
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Last update 20-12-2022
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Turkey is famous for being one of the most important countries that support real estate investment in it, and therefore the rates of large real estate purchases in it are increasing day by day. The real estate market offers many, many and varied options for investors. Investors can choose from major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, or coastal cities such as Antalya and Mersin, for real estate investment in them.
Owning any property in Turkey requires following certain procedures and steps, and these steps become easier when using expert consultants and inquiring from them about the procedures necessary to buy a property in Istanbul and Turkey in general, step by step.
Which stimulates investment in Turkey, that there are increasing demand for daily, monthly and annual rentals of various types of real estate in it.

Can I own a property in Turkey?

One of the most common questions asked by visitors and foreigners. The answer to it is that the Turkish government has provided simple and easy steps to sell real estate to foreigners. So all foreigners can search for real estate for investment and choose the most suitable for them.
There is no minimum or any restrictions on the type of property to buy real estate in Turkey, but some investors want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership for 250 thousand dollars, which is sufficient to provide you with the opportunity of distinguished real estate investment in addition to the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of owning real estate in Turkey

First, the country's diverse climate. Secondly, the flexibility of buying and selling and the intensity of demand for the real estate market, and also many landlords consider that owning them in Turkey is a pure investment and they wish to continue for life.
And some of them seek to own property to spend annual vacations as well as the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through owning it. Just as many other reasons make the Turkish real estate market in a state of constant activity, which makes investing in it a safe, profitable and comfortable investment as well because there is great ease that helps those wishing to choose a property in Turkey to buy.

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

With the new changes and the many facilities for investors in the relevant laws in this regard, foreign investors can become Turkish citizens when they own a property worth 250,000 US dollars from among various types of real estate, starting from owning lands to apartments, villas and shops, and by the strength of the Turkish passport and the growth of the Turkish economy, Real estate investment in Turkey allows the investor to have a strong presence in the heart of the world.
Foreign investors can also find a wide range of options including villas, detached houses, apartments or summer homes, as well as offices and shops.

Istanbul is the bridge connecting the continents

Istanbul is unique in that it is the link between continents and that it is the economic capital and the first tourist destination in Turkey. Therefore, it is a meeting place for businessmen and traders throughout the year from different parts of the country

Wide choice of ownership available at reasonable prices

Turkey offers real estate for every budget. If the investor is looking for affordable real estate to own in Turkey, he will find many options suitable for his budget.

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