Commercial Property for Sale in Turkey

is one of the simplest methods to make a profit for home buyers. You will not only have a commercial property, but also an investment tool that will allow you to earn rapidly.

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Commercial property for sale in Turkey is one of the simplest methods to make a profit for home buyers. You will not only have a commercial property, but also an investment tool that will allow you to earn rapidly. 

You can buy real estate by which you can proceed with your commercial activities such as shopping malls, markets, production areas, and warehouses. You can turn your capital into profit quickly and safely.

If you look for a commercial property in Turkey in order to start or manage a business, we have attractive offers for you. You can buy a restaurant or a retail outlet. 

Do you want to get information about special offers and commercial properties for sale? 

Then, send your contact information with the form. Our professional sales consultants will list the most suitable commercial property alternatives for you.

Commercial Property for Sale in Turkey

Things to Know Before Buying Commercial Property for Sale in Turkey

There are some things you should know in order to commercial property for sale in Turkey. 

Buying a hotel for sale, restaurant, cafe, commercial shop or bar will be a strong investment in Turkey.

Be sure to inquire whether the property you are going to buy has real estate tax debt or whether invoice debt. 

You should also check how it is recorded on the deed. Make sure that the commercial real estate is not recorded as residential on the title deed.

Your purpose in purchasing commercial real estate is also important. 

You should determine for what purpose you will use it. You can open a patisserie, bakery, or boutique clothes store. 

It is important to check whether the surrounding is favorable before purchasing. Accurate analyzes are required.

Enriching Features of Commercial Properties in Turkey

If you want to buy commercial real estate in Turkey, you need to decide what type to buy. 

Location features are the most critical features for making profits and opening a new business. Besides, social opportunities are also important. 

It is significant whether the property is on a busy street, has a central location, and has ample technical specifications. It is also very advantageous to be close to ATMs and banks. 

Moreover, you can pay attention to the fact that the commercial unit you will purchase looks across a wide facade.

Central Location


Car Park


Number of Entrance and Exit Doors

Technical Specifications

If you want to buy an office, you should pay attention to whether the building and the office are safe in terms of work safety. If you plan to buy a commercial shop, it is extra important that it has a wide frontage. 

You can get more information from our professional sales consultants.

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Invest in Commercial Property Easily!

Send your contact details to our Deal Real Estate sales consultants with the form. We will offer the most advantageous investment opportunities for you and make the best deals for you.

Mixed-use housing projects offer privileged opportunities within the Turkish real estate sector. 

Besides, the sector has turned office and apartment options into an intertwined complex for home buyers. 

Take a look at the mixed life projects developed in Turkey’s most prestigious locations.

Thanks to the rental income, you can earn fast. Depending on the development of the region, we guarantee that your living standards will increase due to the opportunities you have. 

You will get stable returns with the high investment values of the structures. 

You will ensure constant capital development because of high investment value and stable returns. 

By buying a commercial property in Turkey, you can make a powerful investment without any risk.

We guarantee that we will help you with payment and routines.

Commercial Property

Buying Commercial Property for Investment

If you want to buy commercial property for investment, there are some things to consider. 

You can buy an office in Turkey to move your head office or start a new business. You can buy a boutique hotel or a shopping center in Turkey. 

You evaluate the real estate you will purchase both to improve your business and benefit from the rental income.

The lessor has to pay all the costs when you lease commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate has a higher rental income than residential.

The lease contract for the house is for 1 year. Lease contracts for the workplace are long-term. (5 years-10 years)

If you wish, buy a shop with available tenants and take advantage of the ever-increasing rental income. Thanks to the investment opportunity, make a profit without wasting time and risk-free.

Hotel for sale options is valuable for earning money. You can guarantee to gain by purchasing commercial real estate in Turkey. 

However, if you want to buy a ready hotel, you should make sure it is municipally approved.

If you want to buy a commercial shop for sale in Istanbul, you will guarantee to gain. 

Have the opportunity to invest risk-free, not only in real estate but also with the profit from your store.

You can also look for a commercial building in Istanbul Turkey. It is valuable for gaining high profits. 

Especially with its large population, Istanbul has a strategic location. 

The city centers where business life is mostly developed offer several opportunities for investors.

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