Important information about real estate residence in Turkey

Important for those wishing to obtain real estate residence in Turkey, important information about real estate residence in Turkey in full details in our article

Important information about real estate residence in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Many people want to visit Turkey, and some want to settle or reside there, either temporarily or permanently, and based on this, the types and forms of residency in Turkey vary. Still, the most famous among them and preferred by foreign investors is real estate residency in Turkey.


Important information about real estate residence in Turkey

How to obtain real estate residence in Turkey:

It can be guessed from the name that this residence holds that it is related to the real estate market in Turkey. Indeed, real estate residence is granted to people who buy a property in Turkey. The responsible for granting this type of residence to the Immigration Department through one of its branches and offices located in various regions. Turkish cities.

And when buying real estate in Turkey by foreign investors, they are granted this type of real estate residence permit for one year and sometimes two years. It confirms his continued ownership of this property in Turkey. Through the ease of renewing the residence permit, we can understand why it is preferred over the rest of the types of residences, especially by foreign investors—real estate residence renewal transactions in Turkey.


The requirements for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey:

Most of the transactions and requirements needed by any process related to the ownership of the real estate in Turkey by foreign investors are usually accessible as a result of the efforts made by the Turkish government to modify and facilitate the affairs of foreigners to attract more them and support the flow of foreign capital into the Turkish economy As for real estate residency, all that is required to obtain it is to buy a property in Turkey. Still, this property must be a type of residential property. Furthermore, the property price must be at least $75,000 if the property is purchased in a large city such as (Istanbul - Ankara - Antalya) or if the property price is not less than $50,000 in a small city.

Also, buying expensive real estate, such as villas in Turkey, provides the opportunity to obtain real estate residency because it is classified as residential real estate; whatever its specifications in terms of space, price, or location, it is perfectly suitable to achieve your desire to reside in Turkey.

But there are regardless of restrictions on real estate residency in Turkey, such as that it cannot be granted to a foreign person holding one of the nationalities that is not authorized to obtain a property in Turkey, such as Syrian, Armenian, Cuban, as well as North Korea, and the location of the property carries some specification. The property that the foreign investor buys must not be located in areas where foreigners are prohibited from owning real estate for security or military reasons.


The persons who benefit from the real estate residence permit in Turkey:

After you buy a property in Turkey, you will be entitled, according to Turkish law, to obtain a real estate residence in Turkey. The law also gives additional advantages when it comes to real estate residence. After obtaining it, you can grant a similar residence to your wife and children who have not completed the eighteen years. After that, the whole family can settle in Turkey by buying only one property.

But suppose the foreign investor is married to more than one wife, such as the case of some investors of Arab nationalities, being one of the most buying real estate in Turkey. In that case, he will not be able to grant residency to only one wife, and if he wants to obtain residency for the rest of his wives, He will have to buy another property to obtain a real estate residence permit. As for the children, it does not matter how many wives they are from; that is, even if they are not from the same mother, they can obtain a real estate residence through the exact property that the father obtained his real estate residence using by using it, as long as the They are not more than eighteen years old.

Suppose the spouses separate and the divorce is confirmed in court. In that case, according to the law, this means depriving her of the right to obtain real estate residency based on the residency of her ex-husband. Still, it allows applying for a tourist residency instead of a real estate residency in Turkey, which usually has only six months. Sometimes the period may be extended, but the maximum does not exceed one year.

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