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Educational Facilities

The most important universities in Avcilar:
There are many universities and schools in Avcilar, whether public or private, in which you can study easily and without complications, and there are many international schools that serve their foreign residents and provide them with high-level educational opportunities.

The most prominent of these universities are:

1- Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University
2- Istanbul Galisim University

Turkish schools
Avcilar contains many public schools, where there are 6 kindergarten schools, 20 primary schools, 17 middle schools, 10 secondary schools with all their vocational and industrial specializations, many Imam Hatip schools, schools for the deaf and dumb, schools for the blind, and mentally handicapped, and there is a special Imam Hatip school for foreign students. What distinguishes these public schools is the quality of education they provide at an excellent level.

Private Turkish schools
These schools are distinguished by the quality of education of a high level compared to the level of education in developed countries, through their use of modern education methods, techniques and advanced technology and the presence of their distinguished teaching staff, in addition to their distinctive cheap prices. The most important of these schools are:

1- Avcılar Final OkullarıŞ:

2- Avcılar Okyanus Koleji Institute:

Arab International Schools
There are also a group of international Arab schools that provide international educational opportunities for foreigners who go to Istanbul, and among these schools

1- Al-Nahda International Schools :
It is an international school and one of the best schools in Istanbul with its Arabic (Yemeni), English (American), and Turkish departments with a license approved by the Turkish National Education Ministry and the Yemeni Ministry of Education and approved by the American Accreditation Authority Cognia (AdvancED). It teaches all levels from nursery school to high school.

2- Al-Manar International Schools:
It is a branch in this district of the Al-Manar school chain, headquartered in Esenyurt, under the slogan "A new vision for building the future." Manar Avcilar International School was established as a private educational institution that teaches the American curriculum and is accredited by AIAA and contains an integrated system managed by specialists with global expertise to ensure an academic, cultural, and ethical level For students, it adheres to the standards of the American educational system and preserves our Arab identity.




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52 Km2

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