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Apartments for sale in Turkey, Best Cities to buy property in Turkey with a large number of real estate options and a large number of advantages and services with competitive prices

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After the great progress achieved by Turkey in all fields and after the economic renaissance that the country witnessed in the past few years, large numbers of foreigners and Arabs began to go to Turkey to settle and reside there, and investment projects spread in Turkey,

and real estate investment had a large share of Attention, as many projects and residential apartments of various forms have been created to meet the market need, and there is no doubt that the most important step for stability is the search for apartments for sale in Turkey.

But if you are a stranger to the real estate market in Turkey, you may face some difficulties in estimating prices and choosing the appropriate property in turkey, but you do not need to worry as we will list for you the most important specifications that you should pay attention to when there are apartments for sale to choose the best deal.

apartments for sale in turkey

City location:


When looking for an apartment in Turkey, you must first choose the city you want to settle or invest in, because real estate prices in Turkey vary according to the city and the services.

For example, the city of Istanbul in Turkey is considered one of the most famous cities in the world in addition to being the country's economic capital, and therefore it was natural for the price to be higher than in other cities due to the great development and broad interest in services and facilities, and this also applies to The two tourist cities of Antalya and Bursa.

While the inner cities are cheaper to live in and reside in, such as Gaziantep and Konya.

The location of the property within the city


One of the articulating things that control the price of the apartment is the location in the city, as of course the price varies according to proximity and distance from the city center and basic service facilities, and properties near the center usually have a high price compared to real estate on the outskirts of the city, and this is mainly related to the availability of means Transportation and transportation, as well as the presence of schools, hospitals and universities.

apartment for sale in turkey


Home view


The view plays a key role in determining the right price for the apartment, for example, there are houses with a sea view that you can enjoy in the morning with your cup of coffee on the balcony with the gentle breeze of the air, and properties are overlooking quiet streets or gorgeous green gardens, and there are some properties that overlook highways and crowded.

Therefore, the price will definitely vary according to the look, and you can choose what suits you and your lifestyle as many options meet your needs.

Apartment area


The area of ​​the apartment is of great importance in determining the appropriate price for it, along with other factors.

And here it is necessary to mention the term total area of ​​the apartment, which means the area of ​​the apartment with all its elevators, garden, garage, and stairs, so you should pay attention to this when buying a property in Turkey and making a look to the house so that you are not surprised by the real area of ​​the apartment,

which is It is called the net space, and it expresses the area of ​​the part that can be used, that is, without the drawers and the rest of the accessories, and it is the space that concerns the buyer when buying the apartment.

apartments turkey


The internal specifications of the property


The matter is certainly not limited to the external specifications of the house or apartment, but many details play a role in determining the appropriate price, such as the number of bedroom and their areas in addition to the number of bathrooms and balconies as well as the home decor and the types of materials used in construction and painting, as well as external accessories Such as elevators, parks, and car parks

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these details when purchasing the apartment, and you must compare it with other properties that have the same specifications, in order not to be deceived or cheated by the price.

And we must note that many companies in Turkey will definitely benefit you during your trip in search of an apartment as they are more familiar properties in Turkey and know all the latest developments in real estate laws and also contain many options that you can choose what It suits you best and thus saves time and effort.

These companies include several consultants and experts ready to provide advice and expertise at any time you want, as well as a significant number of lawyers involved in real estate legal affairs to follow up on paperwork within state departments and ensure that things proceed smoothly and easily.

apartment istanbul


Types of apartments in Turkey

Investors or researchers in general for an apartment in Turkey need to define their goals before the selection or purchase process, in other words, you must determine the reason for buying property in turkey, if you have not decided yet about the city and do not know the type of apartments that you will want, you must specify it and decide about that.

Choosing the city in advance will help you and help your real estate consultant to better determine the options, you must also specify the budget in which you want to invest It is important to know in advance your aspirations about the view of the apartment you want to buy, such as an apartment with a sea view or an apartment with a view of the Bosphorus.

Definition of smart apartments in Turkey:

The description of apartments or smart homes is given to those homes in which modern technologies are used, as these apartments are fully automated and automated is intended to be completely intentional depending on the technology in the various facilities of the house and this means that you can control everything within the house. 

With just one click of a button, starting from controlling the degree of lighting, closing and opening the water taps, operating electronic and electrical appliances in the house from flat TV screens, 

cooling air conditioners and room doors all the way to closing and opening the curtains and kitchen appliances and controlling the temperature of the house Whole or each room separately.

In addition to the fact that these smart apartments include an integrated information network that alerts the residents in them and works to protect them from disease and power outages, 

as well as closing the windows of the house automatically when the air conditioners start working, that is, it can be said that these apartments understand what you want and read your thoughts. To do it for you.

Types of apartments in Turkey

Best cities to buy apartments for sale in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries most preferred by foreigners in the field of real estate. Especially Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, and Antalya, Alanya mahmutlar which are very popular cities for investors in Turkey

Each city has regions and neighborhoods that are valued differently. The closer you are to the sea or the city center, the higher the property value.

Where rental income increases with the increase in property value. Bursa is one of the fastest-growing cities after Istanbul in rent value. purchasing an apartment in Istanbul is the most powerful investment tool

You can find luxury and investment apartments almost everywhere in any Turkish city, while purchasing an apartment you should tell your advisor about the city you decided to buy-in

How much are apartments in Turkey?

Are you looking for an apartment, then you will primarily be interested in the specific budget for purchasing an apartment? You will see different prices in Turkey and in Istanbul Especially because of the number of advantages and services that each housing project provides

If you are planning to buy a downtown apartment, its value will be high compared to the price of properties far from the city center, which is often reasonably priced. Also, if you are looking for an apartment with sea views and swimming pools, its price will be different from properties that do not have sea views.

Many options are offered by Turkey and the city of Istanbul in particular due to the size of ready-made or under-construction residential projects in multiple areas of the city and with multiple advantages that suit your budget and needs

Apartments prices in Turkey are increasing annually at an average rate of 32%

If you would like to obtain complete information about the price of apartments in Turkey, you can contact our advisory team to be supported with more detailed information about the options for apartments and what are the advantages available within the market. Do not forget that buying property in turkey gives you Turkish citizenshipand a Turkish Passport

Why should you buy apartments in Turkey?

Properties in Turkey are the most risk-free investment. By purchasing an apartment, you can get lifetime earnings. Furthermore, you will immediately have title deeds, also by purchasing an apartment worth at least 250,000 USD. You will get Turkish citizenship with your family

By purchasing an apartment in the city center or with sea views and swimming pools, you will enjoy a comfortable life. While you are close to the most important areas of the city, you will also have a strong passport.

Private brand construction projects offer great opportunities when buying apartments. They provide you with full services in terms of swimming pools or sports salons, closed car garage, 24/7 protection and security, and many other services that vary from one residential complex to another

Your investment will pay off quickly as Istanbul properties guarantee absolute profit to investors with the apartment value increasing by 200% in the last year

Apartments price in Turkey is rising rapidly. When you are looking for an apartment for investment, you are definitely looking for profit. Real estate investing is a good way to generate profits in Turkey.

You can buy an apartment and rent it later with a guarantee from our company. Especially if it is in an apartments complex

Can foreigners buy apartment in Turkey?

Can foreigners buy apartment in Turkey?

Buying property is a useful investment, especially for foreigners. If you live outside Turkey and want to buy an investment property that generates profits, you will find hundreds of suitable apartments that bring profits for you while you are outside Turkey, as foreigners can get an apartment online from the country in which you reside. The Turkish government also helped open several Tapu installation centers in several countries.

There are always wide options for purchasing apartments in Turkey such as luxury villas, duplexes, penthouses, residential complexes, studio apartments, or apartments in towers with swimming pools also a central location 

. We advise you to think carefully before deciding to get a flat and our consultants will help you make the right choice.

Steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

  • Submit a free consultation request with our specialized team
  • Request a virtual tour if you do not have the opportunity to come to Turkey
  • Determine the budget for buying property
  • Learn about the available options
  • Determine alternatives when necessary
  • Visiting the project or apartment
  • Submitting the necessary documents to confirm the contracts

What can Deal offer you?

In our company, we are always keen to choose the best property for our customers and seek to satisfy all tastes through a variety of real estate projects in Turkey

Where we have various forms of apartments and residential units such as

Duplexes, villas, offices, shops, student housing complexes, family-friendly projects with a central location

We are distinguished by the fact that our projects have the best views in the city, as we provide all customers with various options of views such as projects with charming sea views, and others overlooking forests and lush gardens, in addition to many projects in the center of Istanbul and the most vibrant areas

Deal harnesses all its capabilities and great experience in the field of real estate in Turkey to provide all its customers with the best services and help investors, as well as those who want to buy a flat for sale in Istanbul, to get the best options. Among the most important services we offer you:

  • Renting real estate in Turkey and finding the right tenant
  • Preparing all documents necessary for renting real estate, collecting monthly returns, and depositing them in the client's account
  • Paying attention to the property, following it up periodically, and making the necessary repairs to make it appear in its best appearance
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers to inform them of all updates and developments on their properties

Our company also provides legal advice services through a group of lawyers specializing in real estate affairs and Turkish citizenship. Our team is ready to answer all inquiries and questions that revolve in your mind and clarify all legal procedures and laws related to investing and buying real estate in Turkey.


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