When can I buy a property at the cheapest possible price in Turkey?

Find out how you can buy a property at the cheapest possible price in Turkey

When can I buy a property at the cheapest possible price in Turkey?
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Last update 24-12-2022
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According to the statistics made by experts and specialists, the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing unprecedented growth. It continues to achieve profits despite everything surrounding the region and despite all the challenges posed by the general health situation with the presence of Corona, but this did not prevent investors from establishing many New real estate projects on Turkish territory and did not prevent foreigners and Arabs from looking for an opportunity to buy a property in Turkey because of the advantages and benefits that this carries.

The Turkish real estate market includes different apartments and real estate types, and the prices and specifications vary. Therefore, the question remains: When can I buy the property at the lowest possible price? Perhaps this question is on all our minds, and we will explain the answer to you in what follows.


How do I determine the appropriate time to purchase the property?

Adequate study of the real estate market: Real estate investment in Turkey, like other investments, is active at times and decreases in activity at other times, as there come periods of increased demand and periods during which the supply increases, so it is necessary to pay great attention and study the market situation to seize the times that Prices are getting cheap.
Follow-up of real estate projects: In the event of a desire to buy a property in Turkey, it is necessary to see all the construction properties that are currently being worked on and to know the companies responsible for them and the availability of real estate under construction as it is known that you can get the cheapest apartments in Turkey if they are It is still under construction, and it is imperative to stay informed with all the offers and discounts that real estate companies offer every once in a while.

Are there specific times of the year when real estate prices in Turkey drop?

According to studies, the real estate market movement intensifies during spring and summer due to the meeting of several factors, the most important of which is the revitalization of tourism in Turkey, where large numbers of tourists go to it to spend the summer vacation. Furthermore, families often want to move from their homes during this period after completion. In addition, there are schools, and the climate has improved, so the demand for real estate increases dramatically during this period. In return, the offers by companies increase, and competition for real estate increases, which may cause an increase in prices according to the location and view of the property.

On the contrary, the winter season is the best to get the cheapest apartments in Turkey. You may be surprised about that, but this is due to the dormant movement of the real estate market, as people tend to retire in their homes due to the rainy weather. The tourism movement decreases compared to the summer and, on this basis, decreases. The demand for real estate with the presence of the offer, so we notice the interest of the real estate companies in the customer considerably and allocate sufficient time for him to search for what suits him and the possibility of bargaining on the price to collect the best offers. Also, most people who sell their property in the winter season have an urgent reason and, therefore, can benefit From that to pay the lowest possible price for the property purchase.


Will real estate prices in Turkey rise or decrease at present?


All statistics and studies indicate that real estate prices in Turkey will continue to achieve successive increases, which makes it the ideal opportunity for investors who want to invest their money, which yields much profit for them. Despite all the challenges that reality brings, Turkey's real estate sector has succeeded in overcoming them. It even achieved impressive successes, attracting investors to establish new and modern real estate and apartment projects.

And the experts note that you should never hesitate in the event of an intention to buy a property in Turkey because hesitation and slowness will make you miss the best opportunities and offers available. Moreover, you will be surprised in the future by the great profit that could be achieved, so it is necessary to seize opportunities and deal with reliable real estate companies to find The best real estate that suits you.


The golden advice when buying a property:


You should not drift and buy without knowing your financial capabilities, as it is necessary that you study your needs well and know the availability of money in your hands so that you do not have to sell the property at an inappropriate time and then lose your money, in case you want to buy the property to invest you must keep it for some time so that the real estate market activates. You have the best opportunity to invest in it and make a profit.

You should also always search within the real estate market to take advantage of golden opportunities, as many people offer their properties for sale as soon as possible with the intention of traveling or for the presence of financial obligations or personal problems. Here you can get it at the lowest price, so it is necessary to develop a social network to find other Market news and opportunities.



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