Levent area in Istanbul and the advantages of buying a property

Levent area in Istanbul and the advantages of buying a property

Levent area in Istanbul and the advantages of buying a property
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Information about the Levent district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Levent district in Istanbul is classified as one of the most important active areas in the city, which was established in the past as a place of settlement for middle-income citizens such as those working in the civil service, teachers, and shop owners, but over time this area has turned into one of The most famous areas thanks to the prominent personalities who inhabited it, such as the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Levent, and from here this area acquired the name that it bears.

The Levent district in Istanbul has many advantages, including having connections with the roads leading to the Maslak area, which is located at the opposite end of it in the north, and owning many skyscraper projects, as it includes major skyscrapers at the back of the hills of the Bosphorus Strait, and the Levent area is also considered Settlement of the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

The Levent area is located to the south of the famous Maslak area, while its north is occupied by the Besiktas region. In the northwest, we find the Arnavutkoy region on the European side of Istanbul. The Levent region is administratively affiliated to the Besiktas municipality, north of the Golden Horn, and the fifth of it follows the Eyup municipality.

Geographically, the Levent district consists of several coastal and inland areas, and although it is considered an area with a small area and a small population, it is of strategic importance thanks to its location, as it is located at the intersection point of the most important main roads in Istanbul and has a suitable location for building And the establishment of world-class facilities, including roads up to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Bridge, which connect the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.


Features of Levent district in Istanbul, Turkey:

The Levent district in Istanbul has a set of features that make it one of the best areas for investment and real estate ownership in Turkey, the most important of which is the infrastructure, as it has a super infrastructure due to the existence of an environment suitable for the prosperity of business and trade, and because the area has an active movement and It continues, as it includes many shopping centers and the headquarters of major companies, as well as branches of banks and agencies, specialized in working in the capital market, in addition to shopping centers that meet European standards, international hotel companies, and the most important and largest pharmaceutical factories in the city of Istanbul. Besiktas municipality by giving it to the infrastructure in the Levent area and constructing roads, schools, universities, public parks and taking care of cleanliness.

Levent district in Istanbul includes many health centers, free clinics, and medical advice centers, in addition to ambulance services around the clock, which work with all readiness to receive cases as soon as possible, and there are dental clinics that are healthy, and the famous Ozal Levent Hospital is located within the Levent area. There is also the private Bayinder Hospital, not to mention that there are many hospitals near the area, such as Gültepe Hospital

Levent is considered one of the most vital areas in Istanbul, which makes it have an advanced infrastructure in the transportation sector, where we can find all kinds of transportation that come to it or go from it. It also includes a metro station and this metro station works on The connection between Levent and the Bosphorus University, in addition to the presence of several other metro stations that go to other parts of Istanbul.


Features of living in the Levent district of Istanbul, Turkey:

Local and foreign investors who want to buy a property in Turkey for housing are racing to choose real estate in the Levent area in Istanbul because real estate residence in the region is characterized by modernity, luxury, and the luxury that it provides, as it includes various forms of recreational activities and basic services. And the region contains important transportation stations that connect the region with the various parts of Istanbul and make commuting to and from it easy

, in addition to the fact that the Levent area includes the most luxurious public and private universities and the most prestigious in Istanbul, specifically in the European part of it, and it provides for its residents The most important service facilities such as hospitals, clinics, schools, public parks and green spaces provide children with a place to play and adults the opportunity to have a quiet vacation in the lap of nature and recreational centers from markets and huge malls that include stores for the finest international brands and provide people with everything they may need from Real estate in the Levent district of Istanbul is characterized by sophistication and luxury, as it is designed according to the latest urban designs and the finest materials, with great attention to its general appearance and the Consistency between them, which provides an atmosphere of sophistication in the region and makes it one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, in addition to its inclusion of important government centers such as the headquarters of the Saudi Consulate.



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