Choose the right property


Choosing the right property

Deal Real Estate Company is keen to assist its clients in providing extensive services, including the process of choosing the most suitable property for the customer, by providing several primary conditions on which the property selection process is based, and that depends on things that the customer determines when searching for a property in Turkey.

This is done by determining the purchase budget, the number of rooms, the required features, and the quality of the view.

The Deal Real Estate team is keen to provide unique opportunities for the client by fully supporting more than 350 residential projects in Turkey, making the process of finding the right property easier.

Most real estate projects in Turkey provide a variety of apartments and real estate units, such as:

Standard apartments, duplexes, villas, commercial offices, shops, apartments for students, spacious properties suitable for families

Also, many residential projects in Turkey provide different views of the sea, the lake, the Bosphorus, or the Belgrade forests, and other views that can be recognized by contacting our support team.

Why Deal Real Estate projects?

Deal Real Estate provides its full support with more than 350 residential projects. In addition, it has extensive partnerships across Turkey with many Turkish construction companies, as the selection of highly credible projects characterizes it and also confidently chooses its partnerships.

This helps our customers to reach comfort and guarantee away from any types of exploitation and fraud.

In our projects, we have comprehensive investment plans, with significant competitive options, by providing weekly offers and new projects on a daily basis, making the opportunity to find a suitable property an easy task for our team.

Advantages of buying a property with Deal Real Estate

  • Competitive prices in the Turkish market
  • Confidence and guarantee of all purchases through lawyers
  • Successful investment plans through expert advisors for more than 10 years
  • Follow up on all purchase and post-purchase steps
  • Providing full support in several international languages
  • Exceptional offers and options