What about real estate sales in Turkey for 2021

Real estate sales in Turkey in numbers during 2021, and the most nationalities that have purchased

What about real estate sales in Turkey for 2021
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Every year that passes and goes by, real estate sales are different from what they were in the previous year and the year before, and those in this disparity are the course of things that occur in the country and it is a rule that applies to all parts of the earth and Turkey is an integral part of it, and the question that arises here is that how was Real estate sales in Turkey for the current year and will they continue as they are at the end of the year, all these things we will know through the following lines.


What is the real estate market in Turkey for the current year 2021 AD?

According to many studies presented in this regard, the current year witnessed a significant increase in the percentage of real estate sales compared to the previous year, and it was estimated during February only at about nine hundred and sixty-four properties, and this market continued its recovery after that as well, in May also the percentage of sales was very high, but What are the Turkish states that witnessed the


the largest percentage of their real estate sales? All this can be viewed through the following points:

- As usual, the city of Istanbulranked first in the percentage of its sold properties, as it sold approximately one thousand five hundred and twenty-five. The second place was for the city of Antalya, with sales of five hundred and thirty-three, and the third place was for two hundred and eleven properties, and Mersin ranked The fourth, its sales were about one hundred and thirty-eight properties, and the fifth-place belonged to Samsun, as it recorded the sale of sixty-four properties. All these figures achieved by the Turkish cities were as we mentioned during February only, and what was hidden in the following months was greater.


What is the order of the nationalities that bought Turkish real estate during February 2021 AD?

In the first place was the Iranian nationality. The investors who held this nationality bought nearly four hundred and seventy-seven properties, and in the second place were the Iraqi buyers, who bought four hundred and thirty-two properties. As for the Russian investors, they were in third place with about two hundred and sixty properties, while the buyers who hold citizenship Afghan women have bought two hundred and thirty real estates.


What are the most important reasons that made real estate sales in Turkey for the current year an improvement over the previous year?

1- Many circumstances have contributed to making real estate sales in Turkey for the current year boom, and the most important of these reasons is that it introduced the vaccination against Corona in large quantities, enough to triple the current population of Turkey, and it also produced a local vaccine (Trukovac), as stated by the Turkish President It is one of the tools to get rid of Corona once and for all, and the Turkish economy has proven its worth in facing anything that happens.


-How will the current conclusion for real estate sales in Turkey?

It is said that the content is known from the title, and this is true to some extent. The beginning of 2021 AD was bright in terms of its real estate sales. In the first quarter of the year, Istanbul alone witnessed a forty-eight per cent increase over what it was in the previous year, and in total, the first five months of the year were There is an increase of twenty-five per cent over the same period of the previous year, and there are expectations that the current year is likely to end with huge financial returns estimated at seven billion US dollars.


What the days hold for the real estate investment project in Turkey:

It has been found that most investors who come to Turkey for investment prefer real estate investment from it, with a percentage of seventy percent of them, and new nationalities are entering the Turkish real estate investment arena, such as the Chinese, and their first presentation for this purpose in Turkey last year, and there is also some increase from Before other countries such as the United States, their turnout increased by 200 percent, and the same was true with some other nationalities.

The future of this project will be brilliant, especially afterlife in Turkey has returned to its usual nature and with several infrastructure projects scheduled to be established soon, such as the new Istanbul Canal project, which will have a significant positive impact on the success of real estate investments.

So, despite all the odds, Turkey was able to achieve huge and positive results in its real estate sales for the current year, and it is expected to achieve more in the following days.




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