Why is Antalya the most important tourist destination in Turkey?

Why is Antalya the most important tourist destination in Turkey?

Why is Antalya the most important tourist destination in Turkey?
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Last update 17-02-2023
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Antalya has proven to be one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey at all because it has all the elements of tourism and combines nature and history, which meets the tastes and requirements of the tourist.

The year 2021 AD for her was a busy year, as she received within 9 days half a million tourists, and according to the official authorities, Antalya received in the first 7 months of this year about.

What are the reasons that made it a tourist dome? Is it because it is rich in natural places? Or is it because it is rich in historical and archaeological places?

All these details can be seen through the following lines.

Antalya is characterized by waterfalls:

1- Manavgat Waterfalls, which won the number one in Antalya in terms of beauty and distinction, many tourists want to see it on the ground.

2- It is also known as the Dodan Falls, which are only 10 km from the center of Antalya. What makes it very distinctive is that it is surrounded by forests and dense trees. As for its waters, it flows with large cows.

3- Lara Falls, which takes its name from the area in which it is located, its waters pour into the Mediterranean Sea.

4- Kursunlu Falls, which has a calm and loving nature. The area in which it is located contains many different aspects of nature and distinct trees, such as laurel/beech/thyme/bamboo trees, and access to them is very easy.

Antalya has many distinctive beaches with clean water:

1- Konyaalti Beach, which is 10 km long, is characterized by green spaces spread on both sides, and there are places for sitting and others for exercising.

2- Olympos Beach, which is located near many important sites, is characterized by the purity of its waters and serenity.

3- Damlatas Beach, which is the most unique of all, its waters are so clear that you can see the fish through them clearly.

-old City:

This city is a cultural and historical center based on the fact that it contains many monuments belonging to the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk eras. It is distinguished by its wonderful strategic location as it is in the middle of Antalya.

The old city has a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea, and huge stone walls are surrounding the city.

-Antalya Aquarium:

This is the perfect place for anyone who loves to discover the seas and dive into their world, as the Antalya Aquarium contains thousands of different types of fish and marine creatures.

Visiting it tends to be knowledgeable and cultural rather than recreational, and restaurants and cafes are close to it.

Olympus Cable Car:

It is visited by many tourists every year because it is a fun experience to walk at the top. The length of the trip is up to 10 minutes, during which you can see the Taurus Mountains from the top.

Koprulu Valley:

This valley is one of the most famous destinations that tourists usually choose for a unique trip, as it allows some to practice kayaking or camping, in general, it is one of the most beautiful places.

-clock tower:

It is one of the oldest historical monuments in Antalya, and as a result of its importance, it witnesses a large tourist turnout every year. It belongs to the Ottoman era.

Saklikent Resort:

It is one of the most important ski centers. It is one of the most important opportunities that many seekers of excellence seek to obtain, as the possibility of practising all snow sports, includes a restaurant and a hotel, allowing tourists to meet their needs through it.

Side area:

It is one of the distinguished areas for tourists because it contains many archaeological and tourist sites, and also includes the Sida Museum, which is known for its authenticity and antiquity.

Finally, we will have got to know the most important tourist areas in Antalya, and we will have found the reason that made Antalya the tourist destination preferred by everyone.

It contains many important areas and places that attract their attention, some of which belong to the field of nature and the other to the field of history and archaeology.

*It is important to point out that there are more other places that have attracted tourists, such as Hadrian's Gate / Hidrilik Tower / Antalya Museum.

What do you think of it? Will it be your tourist destination? Or will you choose another?


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