Differences between Asian and European Istanbul's real estate

Get to know the main differences and advantages of buying an apartment in Asian and European Istanbul

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Last update 25-12-2022
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Istanbul is one of the most prominent and famous Turkish states in various countries of the world from the East to Morocco, and it is the economic capital of Turkey, which possesses the most important industrial, commercial, agricultural, educational, health, investment, and tourism economic activities…

Istanbul’s strategic location is one of the most critical factors that make real estate investments, in particular, uniquely and distinctively diverse, as Istanbul extends over the continents of Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus Strait separates the Asian and European straits, one of the most important global trade routes since time immemorial, and still constitutes a strait. Today, the Bosphorus is the most essential and prominent landmark of tourism and trade in Istanbul, Turkey.


About the offers of apartments for sale in Europe or Asian Istanbul

Real estate investment is based in Istanbul within its various cities and neighborhoods within the Asian or European sides…

The offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul on both sides are among the most demanded real estate offers in Istanbul…

The importance of the offers of apartments for sale in Asian and European Istanbul is evident with their many uses and location within the intersection of real estate, tourism, and residential investments in Istanbul. We add that these real estate offers, which include apartments for sale in Istanbul, have a great diversity in terms of real estate. There are apartments for families, studios and Hotel apartments, student housing apartments, sea apartments, and others…


The most important difference between buying an apartment in European or Asian Istanbul

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the most important differences between buying an apartment in European or Asian Istanbul, which is of interest to all investors coming to live or invest in Istanbul, Turkey.


Buying an apartment in Istanbul, European Turkey

European Istanbul and its various and varied apartments for sale are characterized by its proximity to the vast vital projects in the region, such as the Third Istanbul Bridge or the new water canal in Istanbul. In addition, European Istanbul is significant with its relatively high development and proximity to service facilities, educational institutions, high-end health facilities, workplaces, and major companies in the country!

Prices of apartments for sale in European Istanbul, the proximity of the offers of apartments in Istanbul is one of the most critical vital facilities, its strategic locations, and its diverse and stunning views make their prices vary according to all these specifications, in addition to specifications for apartments such as space, decorations, designs, colors those, furnishings and feet The age of the apartment, its modernity, or the degree of readiness of the apartment, whether it is ready furnished or under construction.

The prices of apartments in European Istanbul are competitive with those in European or foreign countries, which share the ingredients and specifications! This explains the increase in the flow of investment movements towards it...


Buying an apartment in Asian Istanbul

The Asian side of Istanbul is your best place if you are looking for tranquillity and lush nature far from the city center, where Turkish rural customs, ancient traditions, and conservative Turkish lifestyle…

There are many offers of apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul, and they also vary in specifications to suit the desires and aspirations of customers and investors!

Prices of offers and options for apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul vary according to the same factors we mentioned above, for which real estate offers in European Istanbul vary.

However, the prices of apartments in Asian Istanbul are relatively lower than those in European Istanbul due to the lack of severe infrastructure development as in European Istanbul. Therefore, apartments in Asian Istanbul are still classified as modest and are not characterized by the same investment potential in the European part.

In any case, some investors and residents want to live in each apartment separately. As a result, the investment movement is present and abundant on both sides of Istanbul, Turkey.


Real estate companies in Istanbul Turkey

We advise you to resort to real estate companies in Istanbul, which inform you of the most critical real estate offers and the most important differences between buying an apartment in European or Asian Istanbul, according to your desired offer!

Real estate companies in Istanbul, Turkey, also help you to apply and obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey. Buy apartments for sale in Istanbul, European or Asian Turkey!

Do not hesitate to seize your investment opportunities in Istanbul, which will bring you increasing investment profits. Statistics indicate an increase in real estate prices, including apartments in European and Asian Istanbul, which increases investment profits!

Do not forget that Istanbul is a touristic Turkish state par excellence, and its fame goes beyond borders, so who among us does not want to visit Istanbul and explore its landmarks closely?

Tourist activity in Istanbul is one of the most critical factors that make the offers of apartments for sale in Asian and European Istanbul, with its diversity and an unwavering investment focus!

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