Turkish citizenship by investment

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Turkish citizenship by investment
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The law regarding getting Turkish citizenship was amended in 2008, whereby getting Turkish citizenship by investment was made available in exchange for buying one or more properties with a value of at least 400.000 USD, where the properties you purchased are evaluated by a specialized committee called the Real Estate Evaluation Committee You will be granted Turkish citizenship later by a decision of the competent authorities for you and all family members under the age of 18

A large number have obtainedTurkish citizenship since 2008 until now by buying a property in Turkey, which has allowed a large number of investors to get citizenship and benefit from the power of the Turkish passport and also benefit from real estate through multiple profit methods.

In the Turkish Citizenship Guide for 2022-2021, you will find all the information, required documents, and the entire process of obtaining citizenship, with answers to many questions all investors ask.

Turkish citizenship by investment


Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship?

This a question that many of those looking to buy a property have, so you will get to know with us the ways to get citizenship and what is the easiest way to do

Properties investment option

The easiest way to get Turkish citizenship with your family is the real estate investment, which is the best way to buy one or more properties with a value of at least 400.000 USD in return for not disposing of it for three years is; not selling it.

Business investment option

The second way to obtain citizenship is by employing at least 50 employees with Turkish citizens by establishing a legal and official business in Turkey. Bank deposit option

The third method is a bank deposit of at least $ 500,000, provided that they are not disposed of for three years, by contributing to government bonds and buying shares.

These are the only ways to get citizenship by investing legally and officially. If you want technical support to inquire directly, you can fill in your data to contact our advisory team for free.

Can I get Turkish citizenship for 150,000 USD?

You cannot because Turkish law is evident in this regard. If you buy a property, there will be a specialized real estate appraisal committee that will determine the price of the property you purchased, so be fully confident in this matter and do not believe in fraudulent methods or fraudulent companies because this will It causes you many problems that you will not need.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The advantages of citizenship through investment 2021-2022 vary depending on your chosen method, so we will show you one of the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey.

  • The Turkish passport allows you to enter 121 countries without a visa or a routine visa upon entry, with the advantage of easy access to 26 Schengen countries.
  • Turkey is a European country and a Middle Eastern country. But, simultaneously, you will have security, democracy, and freedom.
  • It allows you to have dual citizenship without giving up your citizenship with a passport validity period of 10 years.
  • It gives you the right to vote in all kinds of elections in Turkey. There are no first or second-degree citizens in Turkey.
  • A Turkish passport can be obtained, and the citizenship is delivered within three months.
  • The ability to receive free medical treatment and education for you and your family throughout life.
  • Ranking the Turkish passport globally among the 30 best passports in the world.
  • It does not require a minimum period of stay in Turkey.

All transactions and affairs related to getting citizenship are carried out through the competent authorities abroad as well as the Ministry of the Interior and directly with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

Conditions for Getting Turkish citizenship

Chapter 11 of the Turkish Nationality Law stipulates that the conditions to be met by the applicant are the following:

  1. Having legal capacity in terms of age and mental awareness.
  2. Provide proof of intention to live in Turkey.
  3. Enjoying good manners and good conduct.
  4. He should be able to speak Turkish adequately.
  5. He should have a stable income or a job to support himself and those under his sponsorship.
  6. He should not suffer from an infectious disease that threatens public health.
  7. He shall not threaten national security and public order, he shall not have a dangerous criminal record, and he shall not be subject to a criminal trial.
  8. They have been living legally in Turkey for five consecutive years before the date of application.

The first requirement, age, and mental awareness, are clear and precisely defined in the Turkish Civil Code.

As for the second point related to proving the intention to live on Turkish lands, it is not specified in the law, and there are some examples of how to achieve this by transferring a business to Turkey, buying a property, applying for the whole family, completing studies in Turkey, or having a close relative The first obtained Turkish citizenship previously.

turkish citizenship by real estate


The third point related to good conduct is that the authorities have the full right to evaluate this matter. In general, problems related to prostitution or drug trafficking are evidence of the absence of this condition.

On the fourth point, the authorities do not require that the Turkish language be fluent. Still, they expect that the naturalization applicant will reach a level that enables him to live in Turkey, which is confirmed by inviting the person to an interview with the citizenship committee.

As for the fifth point related to income security, the authorities do not require additional documents if the applicant holds a work permit or owns his project in Turkey. The naturalization applicant can enhance his chances by presenting the bank account statement if he has money in his balance. However, submitting a bank statement becomes necessary if the citizenship applicant has a stable income from a commercial activity outside Turkey. 

Suppose the citizenship applicant does not hold a work permit and does not own a project in Turkey or any stable income that can be legally proven in his bank account. In that case, the authorities expect him to receive a letter of guarantee from a Turkish person for the applicant's benefit. The sixth condition does not concern any disease but only those that threaten public health. This is determined by a comprehensive medical report that is required to be submitted, and it is necessary that a Turkish public sector hospital issue it, not a private or foreign sector hospital.

As for the seventh condition, it is clear that anyone can obtain his judicial record in Turkey by entering the government portal.

FAQ about Turkish citizenship

FAQ about Turkish citizenship

We have collected several answers to the questions of most of those who communicate with our consultant team. Therefore, we hope to help the most significant number of people looking for their questions.

Can Turkish citizens have dual citizenship?

It allows you to have dual citizenship without giving up your citizenship with a passport validity period of 10 years.

Can I get Turkish citizenship by buying a house?

You can obtain citizenship by purchasing one or more homes with a value of no less than 400.000 US dollars.

Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship?

Yes, if all things are legal and official, it can be done easily

Can my family get Turkish citizenship?

Your spouse and all your children under 18 can obtain citizenship.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The competent authorities abroad and the Ministry of the Interior directly with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

How to get Turkish citizenship by marriage?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through marriage after three years.

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