Residential Complex In Istanbul

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Residential Complex In Istanbul
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There are many forms and types of real estate in Turkey, and with the variety of options available to investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey, it becomes necessary to define trends and desires before making a decision, and most real estate owners in Turkey agree that one of the best options is to buy an apartment in Turkey in a complex. Residential, due to the advantages and temptations of residential complexes in Turkey

Features of housing in Istanbul residential complex:


Safety and protection:

Many people are looking for a place that provides them with stability and security in the first place, and one of the most important factors attracting individuals to buy a property in an Istanbul apartment complex is what these residential complexes enjoy with a high level of protection and monitoring, and this is provided through the presence of a room Security guarding at each entrance to the residential complex in Istanbul, and the work of the guard is to take information from new visitors, such as inquiring about the name and the place they will go to, and also contacting the owner of the property or the apartment that these expatriates will visit in order to be completely sure and add In addition, surveillance cameras are deployed at various points in residential complexes in order to record all events in order to preserve security, and every building or tower located within a residential complex in Istanbul is required to install alarm devices to prevent the occurrence of thefts or intrusions, so that the residents of the residential complexes can be sure The safety of their property even when they are away from home.


Availability of service and entertainment centers:

Many people prefer to buy an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul to save effort and time thanks to these residential complexes owning various service and recreational facilities so that they do not need most of the time to leave the residential complex except for work or necessity, as each residential complex usually includes a group of Recreational centers that serve the residents, such as public parks and green spaces in which children can play, as well as places to practice various hobbies such as swimming, football fields, basketball courts, and sometimes tennis courts as well, and thus it can be said that buying a property in an Istanbul apartment complex means buying A free ticket for luxury and comfort and near your home as well without the need to go too far places and leave the residential complex.

As for the service facilities, residential complexes include restaurants and cafeterias within the complex area itself, and some complexes may even include markets and shops in addition to some of them own towers dedicated to offices and not housing, and some use this as an opportunity to make the workplace close to the house and so do Saving all of the efforts, time, as well as expenses, and you can sometimes find a mosque or a school for young children within the complex.


Great interest in exterior and interior decoration in Istanbul residential complex:

Given that residential complexes in Turkey are being built by specialized contracting and construction companies, the name of the company and the quality of its work are subject to attention, which makes the issue of caring for the final appearance of the residential complex a very important matter and as a result of the competition between construction companies and real estate in Turkey is trying Each one of them shows the quality of work through sophistication and luxury in designs, so we notice a remarkable interest in designing the internal and external structure of all the buildings and apartments within the residential complex.

The best types of construction materials and interior cladding are chosen from doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and bedrooms, and fully furnished apartments can be found within the residential complex, and these apartments are distinguished by being equipped with completely new furniture and selected from the finest and most important international brands, as well as equipped With all the electrical appliances necessary for the home, the matter includes the exterior cladding of marble and striking designs that are being worked on to make it reflect the most elegant and luxurious appearance as possible.


The variety of views in the apartments of the Istanbul residential complex:

The view varies depending on several factors, including the location of the residential complex, in which apartments can have a view of one of the tourist attractions in Istanbul, a vital center or a natural site surrounding the complex, or the apartments may overlook a view within the complex, such as gardens and green spaces within the complex.


Fewer responsibilities when buying an apartment in an Istanbul residential complex:

This point is preferred by many residents of residential complexes, as any malfunction or damage that occurs within the building or tower is jointly sponsored by all residents of the building through the so-called revenues, which are a symbolic amount that is paid in each month so that it is used to cover the costs of protection, luxury and repairs, and in addition to that, you will not have to worry about the repair, as this is taken care of by the company responsible for the residential complex, which is interested in all matters and services of the complex.


Distinctive geographical locations:

During the process of building residential complexes, construction and real estate companies in Turkey pay great attention to testing a strategic and vital location, so that the complex is as close as possible to various important service and vital centers such as commercial complexes or shopping centers. It is also important that access from and to The complex is easy, so these complexes are often built near vital high-speed transmission lines and are equipped with a secure and dense transportation network, which also reflects positively on real estate prices in the complex and draws more investors to buy a property or apartment in it.



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