How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey
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Last update 21-12-2022
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Turkey is one of the best destinations for tourism and investment in the world; where tourists from all over the world go to it to enjoy its beautiful scenery and diverse topography, and its economy has achieved significant success over the past years, which made investors' eyes turn to it as a safe place to establish various types of projects and achieve profits and not Especially real estate investment projects in Turkey, so we notice a large spread of different types of apartments in Turkey and various types of residential complexes, and this is what attracted people to reside in Turkey and buy real estate within it.

The Turkish real estate market includes many terms that you must know meaning and meaning, including the housing license document; what does it mean, and how to obtain it? This is what we will learn about in this article.


Definition of housing permits in Turkey:
It is a document issued by the Building Use Licensing Unit that is affiliated with the Construction Directorate of the various municipalities and is obtained after the construction of the property is completed following the instructions and technical conditions.

As for the meaning of such a license, it is that this property is habitable, and therefore all residential properties are obligated to issue such a license after the completion of construction.


What procedures are required to obtain a housing license for real estate in Turkey?
Initially, the construction company that owns the project submits an application to the Reconstruction Directorate in the municipality where the property is located to obtain a housing license.

After that, the directorate assigns a field team affiliated with it to conduct continuous checks and tours on the project site to ensure all the details and conformity of the specifications to the technical and safety conditions. After ensuring this, the directorate can issue a housing license for this property.

And obtaining a housing permit requires 30 days from the application date.


Who should pay the housing license fees?
The costs of issuing a housing permit are the responsibility of the company that owns the property that is constructing it and not the buyer of the property unless there is a clause in the sales contract that has been agreed upon between the parties.


What happens if the housing license document is not issued?
As previously mentioned, issuing this document is necessary for all residential projects to ensure they are suitable for housing. If they do not exist, the property has some problems preventing it from obtaining them.

And many negatives may face the real estate that does not have a housing permit, such as:

- Sudden taxes the property owner receives from the Tax Department in Turkey.
- Many problems with the municipalities regarding the purchase and installation of hours of water, electricity, gas, and the Internet.
- Double monthly bills as taxes for violations within the property.
- Legal problems and lawsuits by the people affected by these buildings result from their failure to observe safety rules.



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