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Educational Facilities

Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul enjoys the availability of various and distinct educational services that meet the needs of students and parents in the region. The area offers many public and private educational schools that offer various educational programs suitable for all ages.
Among the most important educational schools:
Zeytinburnu Governmental Schools: The region includes a number of public schools that provide high-quality education in accordance with the official curricula and include various educational stages from kindergarten to high school.
Private Schools: There are a number of private schools in Zeytinburnu that offer specialized and comprehensive educational programs for students. These schools are a popular choice for parents who are looking for a different learning environment and innovative teaching methods.
International Schools: In addition, the area has some international schools that offer internationally recognized educational programs and aim to provide high-level education to both international and local students.
These thoughtful educational schools in the region provide an encouraging and supportive learning environment to develop students' skills and motivate them to be innovative and critical thinkers. It also works to provide students with the necessary education and knowledge to enable them to achieve their full potential and succeed in their academic and professional futures.




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