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Educational Facilities

The most important private and public schools in the Zeytinburnu region:

Abdülhak Hamit Ortaokulu . Middle School
It is considered one of the secondary schools located in the Zeytinburnu region. It is also considered one of the most successful schools in Zeytinburnu since its establishment, according to the testimonies of many students, teachers, and educational experts.
This school includes highly experienced staff and teaching staff, as some considered it one of the best schools in the Zeytinburnu region, as stated in the school's location.
Celalettin Gözüsulu İlkokulu Primary School
It is considered one of the primary schools in Zeytinburnu, where the study began in 2013. The school’s teaching staff ranges from approximately seventy teachers, two thousand students and thirty-two classrooms, in addition to a conference hall, a kindergarten classroom, in addition to a clinic and a reading room.
Atatürk İlkokulu . Primary School in Zeytinburnu
This primary school was established in 199, where one thousand two hundred students and approximately forty-five teachers receive an education. From the point of view of its students, the school is considered one of the best schools in Zeytinburnu.
Merkezefendi İlkokulu . Center Efendi Elementary School
It is considered one of the government primary schools that many people recommend in the Zeytinburnu region because of the educational experience this school has, as it has a highly experienced teaching staff.
Şehit Kadir Cihan Karagözlü Ortaokulu Middle School in Zeytinburnu
It is considered one of the important secondary schools in Zeytinburnu, for its central location in the region. It is easily accessible to students because of its excellent location. It has many students and teachers who have high teaching experience.

Universities in Zeytinburnu region:
Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi .
It is considered one of the Turkish public universities in the Zeytinburnu region, as it contains all disciplines and scientific colleges, the most prominent and most important of which is the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, which has a distance education system.




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