Everything related to renting a property in Turkey

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Everything related to renting a property in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Turkey has a set of characteristics that make it a distinguished name on both the local and global levels, as it is considered a geographical link between Asia and Europe. 

Thus it has become a commercial station since its beginnings, in addition to the diversity of the geographical terrain in Turkey from mountains, plateaus, and seas. Furthermore, Turkey is surrounded on most sides by seas that form strategic commercial ports on the one hand and outstanding tourist views; on the other hand, the factors that support tourism in Turkey do not stop here; in addition to the moderate Mediterranean climate, which makes the country an ideal place to spend the holiday most times of the year.

Also, Turkey is characterized by the growth of theinvestment sector in its various forms, genuine estate investment in Turkey. 

This, in turn, is due to the synergy of all the elements necessary for the renaissance of such a sector of a reasonable standard of living compared to the neighboring region and the Turkish government continuously amending the various regulations and laws related to real estate in Turkey, in a way that enhances and encourages attracting more foreign investors, in addition to the many advantages that Turkey's real estate enjoys in terms of quality, quality, and charming locations, not to mention the beautiful low real estate prices in Turkey.


And with many arrivals to Turkey every year, the reasons for visits vary from tourism and commerce or even for educational purposes. All arrivals to Turkey participate in their need to obtain property in Turkey, whether for investment or residence. Not everyone can buy the property and pay for it. Therefore, many investors have found this an opportunity to achieve investment profits by leasing real estate in Turkey.


What does it require to rent a property in Turkey:

Firstly, renting real estate to foreigners:

It is known that the ownership of real estate in Turkey by foreigners is permissible according to the amendment that occurred in the year two thousand and eight to the law on owning real estate, according to which the work on the principle of reciprocity was canceled. Accordingly, it became possible for foreign investors to buy a property in Turkey until their most crucial country did not allow the same for Turkish citizens, and this also applies to renting real estate; foreigners are allowed to rent a property in Turkey without any conditions or specification of the type of real estate that they are allowed to rent, whether it is residential or commercial properties. The leasing is done by signing a contract between the two parties. After That, the various payment terms, periods, and insurance are agreed upon clearly and precisely.


Secondly, the lease contract:

The lease contract is considered an official document necessary to keep, especially by the tenant, because it is the only legal proof of the sums paid for renting the property. Therefore, it is presented in any dispute between the two parties to prove correct,s as it includes all the conditions that have already been done. It is also agreed upon and approved by the tenant and the owner. Thus, the owner of the original property is not allowed to change the value of the lease, whether increase or decrease, before the expiration of the period included in the lease contract, and upon its expiration, the contract can be renewed, but with new conditions. Also, the lease agreement guarantees the tenant's right to reside within the property without the property owner the right to evict him or evacuate him suddenly and without a convincing reason, except in the case of security conditions or reasons that require this. Still, the eviction is carried out under the supervision of competent authorities.


Third steps for renting real estate in Turkey:

After the search for a property in Turkey is completed and you are sure of the various options presented to you and choose what suits you, you will be able to sign the lease contract directly with the original owner of the property, and the contract must be formally signed in the presence of the two parties or in the presence of an agent for him to carry this The latter is an official power of attorney certified by a notary. The full details of the contract and the terms of the lease must be agreed upon, and both parties are informed of them and approved before signing the contract, as the contents of the contract cannot be modified or withdrawn after signing it.

And after signing the contract, the rental amount is paid in the way agreed in advance, whether it is a direct payment for the entire lease term or a monthly payment.


Fourth, the contents of the lease contract:

The lease contract must include detailed information about the property's address in Turkey accurately so that the property's location can be inferred by reading the address mentioned in the contract from a city, street, building, and apartment number.

The name of the original property owner must be written as it is contained in the personal identity, and the national number is also recorded. The tenant's name is recorded in his passport, and the passport number is added.

It states in the contract details the period during which the property will be leased to the lessee, the date of receiving the property, and the date of delivery.

Of course, it is necessary to write the value of the rental amount that the two parties have agreed upon, the method of payment, whether the amount is paid in full directly or in monthly installments, and the value of the security amount that the tenant will pay to the owner of the property.


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