The difference between the gross area and the net area of the property

Get to know the difference between the gross area and the net area when buying property in Turkey

The difference between the gross area and the net area of the property
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased dramatically over the past years, and this certainly indicates the prosperity that the real estate market in Turkey was able to achieve, which reflected positively on the Turkish economy in general and increased the amount of foreign and Arab investments in Turkey. 

To note the advanced position that Turkey occupies among the great countries and the fantastic development in all sectors, from trade, tourism, and industry to education, health, and much more.

And in case you are one of the next to buy a property in Turkey or if you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, you must make sure that you understand all the terms related to real estate. Perhaps the most important of them are the total and net areas, so what is the difference between them?


Definition of the total area of ​​the property:

The total area of ​​the property expresses the total area of ​​the property with all that it contains, which means that it includes the area of ​​the stairs, columns, garages, garden, walls, balconies, and even ceilings. Thus it includes all spaces that do not benefit from them physically, and you cannot live in them. So you may be amazed when hearing the total surface area of ​​a property to be shocked at seeing the property.


Definition of net area of ​​real estate:

In contrast to the total area, the property's net area expresses the area you can benefit from. It is what the buyer matters, and it is the area that he must inquire about when dealing with real estate companies or the owner of the property, and this space includes balconies without columns and ceilings.


How is the total area of ​​the property calculated:

Many ways allow you to calculate the total area when buying a property in Turkey, and they are:

It can be calculated from the property plot after removing the area of ​​all gaps and elevators.
It can calculate the total area of ​​the apartment and add to it the area of ​​service accessories such as gardens, playgrounds, and a car garage.
Sometimes the emergency staircase area is omitted and is not approved when calculating the total area of ​​a property.

How is the net area calculated for the property:

You can calculate the net area simply by determining the total area and then deleting the area of ​​all things that cannot be used as living space, meaning the area of the ceilings,  thickness of the wall, area of ​​the stairs, elevators, etc.


What is the area that is displayed when buying real estate in Turkey:

Usually, the total area of ​​the property is displayed, meaning the stairs, entrance, and garage are added to it. You can calculate the net area to ensure the area of ​​additions does not exceed twenty-five percent of the apartment's area. Otherwise, this is considered contrary to real estate laws in Turkey.

In the case of buying real estate via the Internet, you must pay close attention to the type of area offered so that you are not deceived, as most of the time, the total area is displayed, and you are surprised when you see the property on the ground from its small area.


What are the other factors that affect real estate prices in Turkey:

In addition to the area of ​​the property, many factors may increase or decrease the price of the property in Turkey, which are:

- The city: Some cities have tremendous economic power in addition to being a distinctive tourist destination, and of course, real estate prices rise in these cities, such as Istanbul and Antalya, and on the contrary, real estate prices in inner cities are considered low and suitable for low-income people such as Gaziantep and Konya.
- Property Location: Real estate prices are greatly affected by their location within the city, as apartments in high-end and quiet areas differ from apartments in vital areas.
- Apartment view: The property price increases when there is an attractive view, such as apartments with a sea view or overlooking gardens and green spaces.
- Apartment specifications: The property price varies according to the number of rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, the number of balconies, the type of materials used in the construction, the decor of the apartment, and many more.


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