Turkey Open Market for Real Estate

Get to know the reasons that attract investors to Turkey Open Market for Real Estate

Turkey Open Market for Real Estate
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Last update 25-12-2022
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According to experts, during the past few years, Turkey was able to reserve an advanced place among the most advanced and powerful countries and is considered a force to be reckoned with, as we are witnessing successive successes in all fields today. At all levels, from trade to tourism and industry to education and Health, of course, we do not forget the real estate sector in Turkey, which attracted the attention of many investors and pushed them to establish investment projects on Turkish territory, but what are the reasons? And what does the real estate market in Turkey include? Follow us to know the details.


The reasons that attract investors to real estate investment in Turkey:

- Governmental facilities: where the Turkish government works to provide many facilities and incentives to attract capital, and we see this in reducing the value of taxes and granting foreigners the right to own real estate in Turkey, in addition to many laws and legislations that are renewed and issued in proportion to the data.
- Turkish citizenship: Perhaps the most crucial reason that encourages the investor to enter the open real estate market in Turkey is his ability to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment with an amount of only 250 thousand dollars. This amount has been reduced from one million dollars; therefore, we are witnessing unprecedented activity within the real estate market.
- Diverse options: One of the things that characterize the open real estate market in Turkey is the diversity and variety of options and their suitability for all tastes and capabilities, and the vast areas in Turkey, the picturesque locations, and the Mediterranean climate helped create projects that meet the desire of the investor and the consumer at the same time.
- Real estate residence: As soon as you buy a property in Turkey, whatever its price, you get a residence permit on Turkish lands; you can renew it periodically, and if you own the property for more than eight whole years, you can get a permanent residence, and this feature is not present in many countries.

What does Turkey's Open Real Estate Market include:

There are many options that you will find within the Turkish real estate market, and below we will enumerate some of them:

- Commercial real estate: These, of course, differ, as there are shops, offices, malls, and shopping centers, and their location is taken care of so that they are within vital areas and need services and can be used in many ways, such as renting them out or opening them as a restaurant, café, or any store.
- Residential Real Estate: There are different types of residential real estate to suit the size of the family and its financial capabilities, as well as we find regular apartments and residential complexes that provide many services in addition to intelligent apartments that work on an advanced electronic system as well as studio apartments and hotel apartments so that everyone can To find what suits him.
- Under construction real estate: The advantage of this real estate is that its prices are significantly low when compared to ready-made properties. Therefore, it is a good deal for those who do not need the property immediately, as the construction and finishing work takes some time, and then you can benefit from this property in the way that suits you.
- Old real estate: One of the successful real estate investments is to buy an old property, renovate it and add special touches of decor, designs, and paint, and then its marketing value and price will increase dramatically, and this is what we usually find when there are villas for sale in Turkey where they can be bought At a reasonable price and then repaired to appear in a new look.

Real estate prices in Turkey:

When studying Turkey's open market for real estate, we will notice that real estate prices are considered cheap when compared to real estate prices in neighboring European countries, and this, of course, was a critical factor in attracting investors as you can buy an apartment in Istanbul with a great location and a fantastic view at a reasonable price, and this is what can not be achieved by any Neighboring European country.

Despite the continuous rise in real estate prices in Turkey and Istanbul, it remains cheaper than in other countries, and thus it is an excellent deal.

There is no doubt that there are many factors that control real estate prices, such as the location of the property and its view, as well as the city in which it is located, as it is known that real estate prices in Istanbul are considered high, and so is the case in tourist cities such as Antalya. At the same time, you can rent cheap apartments for sale in Turkey within the inner cities such as Gaziantep.

According to reports, the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing its best days, and this is what makes real estate investment in Turkey one of the best and most profitable types of investments, so do not hesitate and take the opportunity to buy a property in Turkey and enjoy all these advantages.



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