Best real estate agency in Turkey

Learn about the most important services provided by one of the best real estate agency to help you buy a property in Turkey

Best real estate agency in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The rich world of real estate investment in Turkey and its various aspects impose the need for a company, office, different, or real estate agency in Turkey that will enable you to access real estate options and offers in the various Turkish states…

There are many Turkish states and many real estates. criticalparticularyou,periodsffers available within them... and Deal Real Estate accompanies you on the journey of buying a property in Turkey!

Where investors want to buy real estate in Turkey and take a journey to buy a property in Turkey and invest for various goals!

Learn about the importance of real estate companies and their prominent role in investment and buying real estate in Turkey during the following paragraphs…


Deal Real Estate accompanies you on the journey of buying a property in Turkey! What are the services offered by Deal Real Estate?

Deal Real Estate is one of the best leading real estate companies in the field of investment in Turkey, enabling you to access the most important and latest real estate offers in Turkey. Learn more services provided by Deal Real Estate to clients…

Deal Real Estate helps you access the most critical real estate offers that intersect with your desires in Turkey through particular research strategies and its supervision and public relations that make you aware of the latest real estate offers in the Turkish states.

Deal Real Estate enables you to complete all the legal papers, proofs, and documents that you will need for real estate investment and the purchase or sale of various properties in Turkey within the record and relatively short periods!

With the help of Deal Real Estate, you can make an online purchase for meantresidences. Also, it can help exploitation attempts in the property's field itself.

Deal Real Estate helps you to obtain real estate or tourist residences for you and your family in Turkey. Also, it provides you with ready housing waiting for them, whether through a hotel reservation within a hotel in Turkey or by renting residential properties, whether apartments or houses!

Deal Real Estate is a real estate brokerage that serves as a highly credible link between the investor and the Turkish lands, its real estate, and the res he clients and investors. Moreover, it can protect you from falling victim to one of the attempted exploitationattemptscan!

Deal Real Estate helps you develop investment and marketing plans for your residential and commercial properties in Turkey, whatever their types, prices, or…

Deal Real Estate helps you determine real estate prices within specific strategies and according to the components and factors these properties enjoy!

Deal Real Estate guarantees correct and realistic prices ​​commensurate with the various real estate specifications.


How does Deal Real Estate help you obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey?

Deal Real Estate provides foreign investors with suitable properties to obtain Turkish citizenship within a record period of fewer than 90 days or three months…

And Deal can achieve this through its solid and extensive network of relations with real estate institutions, governmental and private institutions concerned with granting Turkish citizenship, or issuing important papers to allow foreign investors to apply for Turkish citizenship and enjoy its extensive advantages at the local or global level…

To obtain Turkish citizenship, it is required to purchase real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of this value, according to the dollar's exchange rate at the time!

You can get more information about the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship and its vast advantages, whether inside or outside Turkey… In addition, you can also obtain legal information about how to obtain Turkish citizenship and the documents and papers necessary for this process, such as knowing the nationalities allowed to own and buy real estate in Turkey and learning about the advantages of the Turkish passport in terms of real estate investment and life inside and outside Turkey!


Deal Real Estate is with you from the moment you arrive in Turkey until you find the right property within any of the states or regions in Turkey!

Deal Real Estate is distinguished by its team of skilled specialists in all areas related to investment, from selling and purchasing various properties in Turkey... In addition, there are civil engineers, architects, decorators, lawyers, and translators... Also, Deal Real Estate is distinguished by its long experience in the field of investment. Real estate and its rich relations with governmental and private real estate and tourism institutions and companies within Turkey and with foreign embassies in other countries!

Hurry up to seize your opportunity to invest in real estate within Turkey and buy real estate with Deal Real Estate, which works to fulfill and implement your desires and search for dream properties that intersect with your investment desires in Turkey.

The Turkish lands are witnessing a rich real estate diversity that guarantees you will find the real estate that you dream of and within very competitive price categories for similar properties in various other countries.


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