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Learn about the types of real estate investment in Turkey and its returns .

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Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best types of investments and includes multiple sectors, and it enjoys leadership over other investments, and the investments differ according to their locations and the elements of success that support them, as each site has its advantages, and each investment has the ingredients for its success.

investment in commercial real estate

Shops are distinguished by their diversity, as is the case in Istanbul real estate. Where there are many options that constitute very feasible and profitable investment opportunities.
Warehouses and warehouses are very successful and sustainable investments, as Istanbul is one of the most commercial cities in the region.
Hotels. Investments can be made in hotels or hotel apartments that will return for many years due to the high demand for them. As the number of foreigners who need to stay in hotels or hotel apartments in Istanbul is about 2 million
Commercial offices whose investment returns are made use of, resulting from leasing them to companies that are established continuously in the city with the developed economy.
Commercial real estate in its various forms is one of the most important investment sectors that efforts are directed to enter in its field because it is a means that preserves capital without many losses that affect investors. Therefore, it is advised to enter the field ofcommercial real estate because it returns large and increasing profits if it is managed with the foundations and plans organized for the long term And it is through choosing the best locations for real estate investment and entering the emerging markets with solid assets for advancement and expansion

Real estate, in general, is divided into the following branches:

Investing in residential real estate

This type of investment is concerned with the types of property and real estate designated for housing purposes such as villas and houses, and it is available and recommended in Istanbul and all cities of Turkey, where residential real estate is the most secure type of investment due to the guaranteed investment return that it provides to the investor and the investment return is obtained from residential real estate in two main ways:
Rent: As many foreign and even local investors buy residential properties in Istanbul and rent them, as the rent in Turkey rises annually at varying rates. The rental value of any property in Turkey increases by more than 10% annually.
Resale: In many cases, residential real estate under construction is purchased for the investor to sell after the completion of the construction processes in it and obtain a high-profit return.

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