Tourism in Antalya

A masterpiece of dazzling beauty on the Mediterranean

Tourism in Antalya
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Antalya is considered an aesthetic masterpiece located on the Mediterranean, where beauty meets within the most beautiful pictures until it became the destination of the first touristic cities and the bride of the Turkish states.
And because the state of Trabzon is the capital of the breathtaking natural beauty on the Black Sea, it is right to say that Antalya is its undisputed counterpart on the warm coasts of the Mediterranean.
In this article, Deal Real Estate seeks to reveal the most beautiful tourist attractions in Antalya, its amazing gardens, learn about its climate, and a lot of other important information.


Tourism in Antalya


Tourism in Antalya

Where is Antalya located?

Antalya is located in southwestern Turkey, on a bay at the Mediterranean coast, about 518 km from the Turkish capital, Ankara, and 729 km from Istanbul. Antalya is bordered to the east by Mersin and Kerman, to the northeast by Konya, to the north by Isparta and Bodro, to the west by the state of Mola, and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea.


The weather in Antalya

Antalya has 300 sunny days all year round, and the air temperature rises in the months of July
August and sometimes up to 40 degrees, but gentle sea breezes and north winds from the mountains give Antalya nice temperate weather. Where temperatures in Antalya usually range between 34/22 in summer and 6/15 in winter. The population of Antalya, according to the latest census of Turkish souls departments in 2020, is approximate: 2 people of color and 511 thousand and 700 people.


Tourism in Antalya


Information about the city of Antalya

The fame of the Turkish state of Antalya is great, and its charming beauty has spread in the world until it turned into an important tourist destination in the world, and in Turkey in particular, until the number of arrivals for tourism in Antalya in recent seasons exceeded twice the number of its population.

Antalya embraces a pleasant atmosphere, and its charming nature, whether in the summer or winter, adds to its richness in tourist resorts, and integrated services, and here we find it necessary to mention the most important thing for the tourist to know about information about the city of Antalya in the winter and summer, then we move to get to know the Its most important tourist attractions and exceptional sights.

Tourism in Antalya in the summer

Millions of visitors with the aim of tourism are crowded with Antalya resorts and hotels in the warm summer months with a magical atmosphere, especially during the holiday period.

The weather in Antalya rises in summer temperatures and humidity to acceptable limits, but its geographical diversity gives its northern heights a mild summer atmosphere, which allows many tourist options for vacationers and hikers.