Learn about the number of tourists and the status of tourism in Turkey for the year 2021

Learn about the number of tourists and the status of tourism in Turkey for the year 2021

Learn about the number of tourists and the status of tourism in Turkey for the year 2021
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The situation in which we are accustomed is that Turkey witnesses every year millions of tourists who choose it rather than all the tourist destinations in the world because it has all its ingredients and guarantees them distinguished tourist trips rich in culture and knowledge... But the tourist situation in Turkey for the current year was affected by The global pandemic? What is the state of tourism there? Is it an evolution or a decline? What are the most important places they visit?

All these details we will discuss through the following lines .... You can continue.

-Despite the global epidemiological crisis, Turkey opened its doors to world tourists in the summer of 2021 AD... This is because it was able to fully control it, thanks to the severe measures it followed at the beginning, and it also encouraged the vaccination policy against the virus... Based on these details, tourists are encouraged to make it their tourist destination for this year.

-It is important to point out that the city of Antalya received half a million tourists in just nine days .... and this refers to the safe tourist rituals experienced by Turkey.

The city of Istanbul received three million tourists in three months of this year.


These are the most important tourist destinations that tourists preferred this year:

1- Istanbul:

Certainly, this destination is the first that they will choose, as it is the capital of magic, beauty, modernity and heritage... It is a mixture between history and development, yet it was homogeneous and striking... Istanbul is considered one of the places suitable for summer and winter tourism... Istanbul has many ingredients that make it the first tourist... You can enjoy all the various aspects of nature that it possesses from waterfalls/rivers/lakes / Bosphorus Strait/forests like Belgrade / green gardens and parks/beaches.... and many of those places Distinctive.

Istanbul is also rich in the presence of historical and archaeological monuments that give the visitor a broad idea of ​​the history, time and culture of the past and give him a deep knowledge of its contents... The Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the places witnessing a heavy turnout / Topkapi Palace and it is a favourite among Arabs in particular because it contains some The collections of the Messenger of Islam Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him / almost all the Ottoman palaces / in addition to it includes a large number of wonderful museums that have a major role in the tourist tariff on many matters and details.

The city of Istanbul does not lack the modern aspects of tourism that the younger generation often prefer... such as malls/shops/restaurants and cafes.

*This city is the integrated destination they have chosen.


2- Antalya:

With its distinctive view of the Mediterranean Sea, it attracts the attention of tourists from different parts of the world, because it contains many diverse and wonderful natural treasures, such as the mountains that border it, and distinctive waterfalls, such as worms and manoeuvres. The type of tourism attracts many to get a broad idea of ​​the history of this city, and one of the most important of these places is the old city... Visiting it is not only recreational but also a distinct cultural knowledge.


3- Cappadocia:

As for this distinctive spot, it was at the forefront of the places that tourists preferred to visit in Turkey this year, especially those who like to go on a balloon trip... Cappadocia recorded during the first seven months of this year the reception of 854,000 tourists... which requires their turnout It has to offer them a special trip / It has a wonderful and special climate / It has many hotels / It has a lot of important sites.

So, despite all the circumstances that exist in Turkey today, the tourist site has not been affected... Through the tourism components it possesses, it was able to remain one of the first tourist destinations in the world... And the three cities that we mentioned were in great demand. ...and you, do you prefer one of them, or do you prefer another destination?

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