The Tallest Tower In Istanbul | Çamlıca Tower

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The Tallest Tower In Istanbul | Çamlıca Tower
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Last update 23-10-2023
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The tallest tower in Istanbul, Çamlıca Tower, is the new landmark newly added to the city of Al Ain, which has a 360-degree panoramic view, and the viewer can live the best experience of watching Istanbul from a height of 369 meters!

Where is the tallest tower in Istanbul (Çamlıca Tower) located?

The tower is located on Camlica Hill (Puppet Hill), which is considered one of the highest hills in Istanbul and one of the most beautiful places to visit. You can enjoy watching the Bosphorus Strait and Bridge from a distinctive distance. After the opening of the Camlica Mosque and the tower, the area attracts more visitors on a daily basis.

Çamlıca Hill is located on Istanbul's Asian side and is accessible by several modes of transportation, including the subway line (M5) via the Kskl station and the tower. It is also possible to use public transport to use buses for the Istanbul municipality.

tallest tower in Istanbul

Features of the tallest tower in Istanbul

The tower includes four floors dedicated to watching Istanbul from all sides with a 360-degree view. It consists of two floors for restaurants and two floors for viewing and can accommodate up to 200 people at the same time.

The building as a whole consists of 49 floors and is located on an area of 20 acres. It includes several terraces and things to enjoy, as Çamlıca Tower helped to be the new center of attraction in Istanbul.

Çamlıca Tower

The importance of the tallest tower in Istanbul (Çamlıca Tower)

Çamlıca Tower's main objective is to unify and combine all antennas in the region related to communications, television, and radio stations.

The antenna at the top of the tower weighs approximately 1400 tons, and the antenna tower is located at a height of about 576 meters above sea level.

The tallest tower in Istanbul is expected to attract 4 million or more visitors annually, and this tower may make the region highly qualified for investment in the future, which will give many investors the opportunity to invest in real estate near the tallest tower in Istanbul.

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