Residence permits types in Turkey

In this article, we review the types of residence permits in Turkey and how to obtain permanent residence

Residence permits types in Turkey
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Turkey is a country that mixes East and West and is characterized by the Arab Islamic character that attracts many Arabs to it for study, investment, stability, and living in Turkey. The Turkish people are friendly and hospitable and welcome foreigners. Turkey is distinguished by its historical and cultural wealth, geographical location, and moderate climate as an attraction for tourism lovers. 

In addition to the economic growth due to investments and infrastructure development, Turkey has attracted nearly $15 billion in investment; its low cost of living and job opportunities attract ambitious people to build a bright future. That is why Dell Real Estate decided to review this article after permanent residence in Turkey has become one of the wishes that many young people worldwide are looking for, and obtaining a residence permit in Turkey has become a goal and a privilege worth pursuing, and making some effort.

Residence permits types in Turkey

The residence is the official document issued by the Immigration Department and given to anyone who enters Turkish territory legally.

Where the types of Turkish residency vary according to the purpose:

Tourist accommodation.
Student residence.
Establishing humanitarian cases.
Real estate residence.
Family residence.
Set up work.
Permanent residence.


Tourist accommodation in Turkey:

Tourist residence is the best way to stay in Turkey for a longer period than the allowed period for tourists who come to Turkey on a tourist visa or are legally and safely exempt from a visa. It can be renewed, provided the renewal request is submitted 60 days before the expiry date of the previously granted residence. It aims to allow those wishing to study the Turkish market or tourism in Turkey and stay in it legally.

Advantages of obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey

Applying for a residence permit in Turkey.
Implementation of travel procedures for commercial movements and business people.
Complete freedom of entry and exit to and from Turkey without needing a new visa.
I opened a bank account in bank accounts private bank in Turkey.
We are establishing various companies.
We are opening the electricity, gas, water, telephone, and internet metershome's I am issuing.
I am issuing a visa for some other countries when traveling outside Turkey.
I am obtaining a Turkish driving license.
I am obtaining a Turkish identity number for T.C.

Documents required for tourist accommodation

A copy of the passport and the last entry stamp (visa)
A personal photo with a white background (4 pcs.)
Interview appointment form.
Health Insurance (Sicurta)
Housing rental contract certified by the Noter.
Tax Number.
A copy of the application fee payment receipt.
A copy of the residence permit (in case of renewal).


Tourist residence fees in Turkey:

The residence card fee is 125 Turkish liras, which changes annually according to the high tax rate in Turkey. Entry visa allowance fee of 850 TL. These fees must be paid by some nationalities who enter without a visa at the Turkish tax department when they submit for tourist accommodation, and these fees change annually according to the change in the exchange rates of the Turkish lira against the U.S. dollar. Fees for the power of attorney to receive a residence by the Postal Authority, with a value starting from 350 to 400 Turkish liras.


Student residence in Turkey:

It is a residence for students wishing to apply to Turkish universities or to Turkish language programs; where to apply for this residence; you need papers.

The required paperwork:

The student document that the student obtains from the university in which he is registered means that the student belongs to it.
Four personal photos.
The original passport and a copy of it, in addition to the visa, if any, upon entry.
Residence document.
Tax number.
Health insurance.
College letter.
Appointment paper at the Immigration Department after booking online.
Receipt of payment of the residence document fee.

الاقامة العائلية في تركيا

How to get student residence in Turkey

The residency file is submitted by one of the approved legal advisory offices. Then, the student has to prepare the required documents and deliver them to the Foreign Student Affairs Office at the university where he studies. The university, in turn, sends the file to the Immigration Department.

Advantages of student accommodation:

Exit and enter Turkey within the specified period of stay without the need for a visa.
Open a bank account.
They were carrying out official transactions and procedures legally.

Real estate residence in Turkey:

This residence permit is granted to real estate owners in Turkey. It is a type of short-term residence permit. It is granted to those who own real estate or immovable property in Turkey, and the property or property must be a residential house used by the applicant for housing.

The period of residence is a maximum of two years and is subject to extension.

Conditions for real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate title deed (Tabu).
Property earthquake insurance.
A passport is valid for six months.
A family statement for the children translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Embassy in the home country.
Health insurance in Turkey for each family member.


Family residence in Turkey:

You can apply for this residence only in these cases:

It is granted to the family if the father or mother obtains a work permit, and all family members can apply for it, and it shall be for the same period as the work permit for the accompanying person.
It is granted to the family in the event of marriage to a Turkish wife / Turkish husband. It can also be applied to all family members. Depending on the request, the residence period can be one, two, or three years.


Residence work in Turkey:

The best type of residence in Turkey is the work permit, where you can obtain Turkish citizenship when you stay in Turkey for five years

Advantages of obtaining a work permit in Turkey:

Ease of applying for a Schengen visa for European countries.
Residence permit for family members.
The right to apply for Turkish citizenship when the conditions are completed, including the passage of 5 years since you have obtained a work permit, provided that you do not leave Turkey for long periods of more than six months.
Insurance and social security provided by the employer allow you to obtain discounts in private hospitals and free treatment at some government hospitals.


Conditions for working in Turkey:

To obtain a work permit, a tourist residence is required, with a validity period of not less than three months.
In addition, the company must employ five Turks for every foreign employee except the company's owner.
The company's capital must not be less than 100 thousand Turkish liras.
The company pays all taxes incurred by the state.
The company must pay all its social insurance.


Permanent residence in Turkey:

It is well-known that when the resident has completed his regular stay in Turkey for eight consecutive years, he is entitled to apply for permanent residence in Turkey
Among the conditions for obtaining permanent residence:

Permanent residence continuously without interruption for eight years.
Proof of non-receipt of social assistance in the last three years.
Proof of sufficient income.
Valid health insurance


An easy way to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

When obtaining Turkish residence for eight consecutive years and after the eighth year, he is granted residence for life, and he has to submit the following documents to the Directorate of Migration Management:

Residence permit application form.
The original and an original copy of the passport or travel document.
Submit a previous residence permit document.
Two passport-size photographs.
The document shows that the applicant has not received social assistance from institutions and NGOs in the past three years.
A statement shows that the financial resources are sufficient and permanent during the stay.
uncontested document
Medical insurance / or what is known as sigorta
Permanent residency application


That the alien poses a severe threat to public order and security.
To reside outside Turkey for more than one year without interruption except for health conditions, education, and compulsory public service in his country.
In these cases mentioned, according to the residence system in Turkey, the long-term residence permit can be canceled by the Immigration Department in the Turkish provinces.

It is necessary to pay attention to and note some details related to permanent residence in Turkey, namely:
Permanent residence is not granted to refugees, persons with subsidiary protection, or humanitarian residents, and it is not granted to those who have been granted temporary protection.
Foreigners with a long-term residence permit are entitled to enjoy most of the rights granted to a Turkish citizen, except for some central rights such as: (candidacy, election, public job, and importing cars).
The holder of permanent residence is exempted from the obligation to perform military service.
The holder of permanent residence retains his acquired rights related to insurance.
Permanent residence permits are issued in Turkey indefinitely (without limits).


Foreign residents with a short-stay permit can get a job, rent or own real estate, marry Turkish citizens, or open a bank account in Turkey.
Residency holders may establish personal or joint-stock companies, provide them with comprehensive health insurance, and apply for citizenship for those who have completed eight years in Turkey.
Children under the age of 18 are entitled to comprehensive health insurance and to attend school in Turkey.

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