Real estate investment in Esenyurt area

Learn about the advantages of real estate investment in Esenyurt area

Real estate investment in Esenyurt area
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Last update 25-12-2022
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As everyone knows, Istanbul has great importance and wide fame not only in Turkey, but all over the world, and this is definitely due to the combination of several factors and reasons that contributed to raising its position and preserving its position ahead of other cities, and perhaps the most important factor in its prosperity. It is its strong economy as it is considered the economic capital of Turkey, and this includes all sectors from trade and industry to the real estate market in Istanbul, which has succeeded in achieving high profits and attracting large numbers of investors from all over the world and buying a property in Istanbul has become a requirement. For many people, especially after the issuance of the law to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

The Esenyurt area is considered one of the most important areas for real estate investment in Istanbul, and we will talk more about this region and its features.


Where is Esenyurt located in Istanbul?

The Esenyurt region is located within the European part of the charming city of Istanbul. As for its borders, it is bordered on the north by Bahcesehir and Arnavutkoy. From the south, we find Avcilar and Beylikduzu, while it is bordered from the east by Kucukcekmece and from the west by Buyukcekmece, and Esenyurt is about the city center away 30 kilometers and its total area is about 2770 thousand square kilometers and the number of its neighborhoods is 43, the most important of which are Fatih neighborhood, Talaat Pasha, and we do not forget the distinctive Esenyurt Square.


Transportation in the Esenyurt area:

Esenyurt has a strategic location among the most important highways in Istanbul, as it is bordered on the north by the E-80 road, which is considered the most important highway connecting Turkey with the European continent, and from the south, it is located by the E-5 road, which plays a major role in linking Esenyurt with the rest of Istanbul.

As for the means of transportation, it varies greatly due to the presence of large numbers of students and employees, as we can see buses, taxis and other means of transport that work to connect Esenyurt with the main centers in Istanbul.


The most important service facilities in Esenyurt:

- Schools and universities: The region is rich in an important number of schools that cover all school levels from elementary to preparatory and high school and provide the best educational curricula and teaching methods, and for universities, there are a good number of them within the region and this is what drives students to buy real estate or rent homes within Esenyurt to be near their universities, and among the most important universities: Esenyurt University, Al-Fateh University, Bey kent University, and others.
- Hospitals: The region contains a large number of health centers, as well as public and private hospitals, and we do not forget the private clinics of Turkish and foreign doctors in a way that meets the needs of the population in the region.

The most important recreational facilities in Esenyurt:

- Kucukcekmece Lake: This lake is considered one of the most popular areas in Istanbul to spend weekends and family outings, as it is characterized by the presence of fresh air and green trees in addition to the lake's sparkling water, which makes it a suitable place for rest and recreation.
- Esenyurt Square: This square is the center of the region and a large number of people and tourists visit it daily to enjoy shopping within the many stores that are spread in it, which belong to famous international and Turkish brands, in addition to the delicious restaurants that have been opened within it that offer the most delicious Turkish food. And Arabic and the square also includes the Esenyurt Mosque, which is distinguished by its ancient Ottoman character, so do not miss his visit.
- Chocolate Museum: This museum is considered one of the most enjoyable places as it contains different types of chocolate manufactured in strange and beautiful shapes such as trees, flowers and animals, and not only that, as there are models of chocolates belonging to famous Turkish and international personalities, and you will definitely be able to taste different types and Delicious chocolates are in this museum.

Real estate investment in Esenyurt:

Due to the great development that Esenyurt has witnessed during the past years, in addition to the great interest that the Turkish government has paid to it, this reflected positively on the real estate in it, as investors began to rush to them to establish investment real estate projects in various forms, as there are many types of apartments for sale in Istanbul, including, in addition to villas. And commercial real estate and real estate prices have increased significantly after the establishment of investment projects, and we do not forget that its location near Beylikduzu and Basaksehir has increased its investment importance and contributed to people's desire to buy real estate in it.


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