Secrets of obtaining apartments in Turkey in installments

Get to know the secrets of obtaining apartments in Turkey in installments

Secrets of obtaining apartments in Turkey in installments
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Last update 24-12-2022
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One of the most important attractions that the real estate market in Turkey offers to investors, both local and foreign, is the great variety of options available, as it includes various forms of real estate from residential properties such as apartments in Turkey, houses in Turkey, villas, and palaces, as well as commercial real estate. All kinds of shops, offices, and companies in addition to this great diversity of options extend to include real estate prices in Turkey as the prices vary between low and medium to even very expensively so that they can meet the needs of all classes of investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey, but The most important feature in the eyes of many people is thatreal estate prices in Turkey are generally considered low if they are compared to real estate prices in European countries, i.e. with the same amount, you can get a property with better and higher features in Turkey compared to the property that the amount may be able to buy. To you in any of the different European countries.

Also, real estate in Turkey offers investors a variety of options in buying methods, including buying apartments in Turkey in installments.


Conditions that must be taken into account when buying real estate in Turkey in installments:

Taking any step in the field of investment requires research and attention to avoid making mistakes, as any mistake means a financial loss for investors, and there are also a set of things that must be taken into account when it comes to legal procedures in Turkey and buying apartments in Turkey In installments, it is not different, as several things must be taken into account, such as that the possibility of disposing of the property becomes possible for you after you obtain the title deed or the title deed, that is, after the ownership of the property is officially transferred to you, but when buying a property in Turkey in installments, most real estate companies do not intend To transfer the ownership of the real estate to the buyer except after he pays the full installments due on him and completes the payment of the property price

But an exception can be made if the buyer submits special evidence to the company that owns the property through which he proves his ability to guarantee the right of the company or through the real estate services companies presenting a certified sale contract to the buyer, which although it does not mean transferring The property is fully owned by him, but through this contract, the buyer is allowed to dispose of the property, such as selling it to a new buyer, provided that the new owner takes care of paying all the installments remaining on the property, and the contract must be signed between the two parties in the presence of the original company that owns the property.

The company does not specify any specific percentage that must be achieved or paid from the total value of the property for the person to be able to sell it to another buyer, but it imposes on the new and old buyer to undertake the payment of the additional fees arising from the process of writing the new sales contract, such as a notary and It is agreed between the two parties on the percentage that each of them will cover.


Ways to obtain apartments in Turkey in installments:

As we have already mentioned, the most important features of the real estate market in Turkey are that it offers different options and methods for anything related to it and that the purchase in installments has received a share of this as well, as the methods available to those wishing to obtain a property in Turkey vary in terms of installment methods and can be summarized. In two main ways that allow you to fulfill the conditions for obtaining a property in installments

The first method: It is represented by buying an apartment in Turkeyin installments and directly from a construction company that you choose, as you sign an official contract between you as the first party and the construction company that you have chosen as a second party, and the price of the apartment and the period required to pay the installments of the apartment and the required amount are determined Pay it in each payment and the date of payment as well, and since you have signed the contract, that means that you agree to everything that it contains and you must adhere to conditions, especially the dates of payment and the number of payments, in the event of default or late payment or non-commitment to the required amount and time The company will have the right to implement the terms of the contract and hold you legally accountable, but in return it must also fulfill its part of the contract and deliver the apartment ready on the date that was agreed upon between you without delay if the property is under construction and it helps you that You know that the increase in the period of time that the property needs to be ready and it turns from a property under construction to a ready-to-live property means that its price will be more low, and thus you can secure a good and satisfactory deal if your patience is long and your search is intense.

The amounts to be paid as a first payment vary according to what the two parties agree upon, and you can set a comfortable rate for yourself and you can commit to paying it.

As for the second method: to buy apartments in Turkey in installments, it is represented by the possibility of taking a loan from any bank from licensed banks and it is called a real estate loan, which anyone can obtain to buy a property in Turkey, even foreign investors.



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