Advantages of buying a property under construction in Turkey

Pros and cons of buying a property under construction in Turkey

Advantages of buying a property under construction in Turkey
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Last update 09-01-2023
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Among the many types of properties in Turkey, many people prefer under-construction properties because of their features and details. Is buying this type of property entirely correct, or does it contain some incorrect aspects? Many questions about the most important steps should be taken in this regard. However, there is no need to look far, as the following article will contain all these details that relate in one way or another to the purchase of under-construction properties.

What are the main advantages of buying a property under construction in Turkey?

1- There are many advantages that the owners of this type of real estate in Turkey can obtain. First, the buyer can divide the property as he likes without being forced to accept what is there as if he bought a ready-made property.

2- The buyer will be able to specify the specifications he wants in the property, such as the interior designs and decorations he wants to have, and he can also control the type and quality of materials used.

3- We must mention that the price of real estate that is under construction, or as it is called by its other name, real estate on the scheme is lower and less material than the completed ready-made properties, and this is what suits many people, which makes the subject more desirable that a modest amount of money can be reached A property with superior specifications and distinctive quality. But, at the same time, it will not be able to reach the same result with a ready-made property and the same amount.

What are the main negatives of acquiring real estate under construction in Turkey?

1- It is natural for this type of real estate to have some negatives, and the most important of its negatives is that the property buyer will have to wait for a long time until the construction work is completed. This period may be longer than the time available to the individual.

2- Many details may appear that do not appeal to the property buyer, and some details may appear that contradict what was agreed upon at the beginning. Still, this negative will be resolved when choosing a ready-made property because everything will be transparent in advance.

3- For real estate investors, this property is considered a problem, as they will have to freeze their capital for an extended period without continuing its circulation, and this will cause them material losses.

4- The buyer may discover a lot of errors and details by the construction companies on his property, so he must check the property well after receiving it so as not to be a victim of fraud or deception.

The most important notes that should be taken into account when choosing a property under construction in Turkey:

1 - At the outset, the real estate buyer should be careful not to pay the total property price in full in one payment, as this may expose it to deception and fraud. Therefore, he must divide the amount into sections. Then, at each stage of development in the construction, a part of the amount must be paid.

2- The property buyer should also be keen to establish a contract between him and the seller in which all the details he wishes to have in the property and all the details that have been agreed upon are mentioned, as the contract is conclusive evidence of all of the above.

3- It is also worthwhile to buy a property through official, trusted bodies with long experience in the real estate field, as they will ensure that the buyer will reach safety for sure, and it is preferable to buy the property that the Turkish government guarantees.

4- We must mention that the buyer should be careful to adhere to the property's location and all the details attached to it. For example, is it located near a vital and active site or in a secluded spot? Are there universities and health institutions near it, or is it far from them? All those little details we have to be careful about.

5- The buyer should include a clause in the sales contract that stipulates the existence of a penal contract that guarantees the full rights of the buyer in the event of any delay or omission by the originating entity.

Here we have concluded these words that were specialized in researching and looking at everything related to real estate that is under construction; we were keen to mention the most important advantages and disadvantages of this type of real estate in addition to the most prominent details that we must be keen to take into account.

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