Emirati investments in real estate in Turkey

Reasons for Emiratis to invest in real estate in Turkey

Emirati investments in real estate in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Today we can see many different nationalities heading to Turkey for real estate investment after they found it to achieve their goals, as it has many ingredients that indicate the success and superiority of real estate investment.

Those with Emirati citizenship were among the crowd who would like to own real estate in Turkey, so what are their reasons? And why real estate in Turkey without all other countries in the world?

Given the importance of this aspect, we will accompany you through the following lines to see the reasons that prompted Emiratis to invest in real estate in Turkey.


The reasons that prompted Emiratis to invest in real estate in Turkey:


1- Geographical location:

Turkey occupies a geographical location that is easily accessible, as it is in the middle of the world's continents and has a view of the world's most important seas. Moreover, its location is very close to the Arab world; thus, the Emiratis did not find it difficult to link their businesses in the Emirates and those in Turkey. This also made transporting them to and from Turkey easy.


2- A booming economy:

This aspect attracts the investor's attention the most, as he is thus confident of the result his investment will achieve. The booming economy guarantees that real estate maintains its value, and the stability of the economic side in the country indicates the stability of all other sectors. According to expectations, By the end of the current year, it will register a significant growth rate.


3- Real estate residence:

It can be obtained when buying a residential property, and no other conditions must be met. The real estate residence is one of the best residences in Turkey because all family members can obtain it unless the children are over the legal age. After that, there is a possibility of renewing it.


4- Turkish citizenship:

One of the first reasons that motivated Emiratis to buy real estate in Turkey, as it is the shortest way to obtain citizenship, the price of the property should only be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, in addition to a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed since the date of its purchase, as for their desire to obtain There are many reasons behind this, the most prominent of which are:

Commercial facilities and the Turkish passport will allow them to enter many countries with reduced procedures.

With Turkish citizenship, they will not have to give up Emirati citizenship.

Obtaining all rights of Turkish citizens.


5- Flexible Turkish Laws:

The Emiratis, like all foreigners who have come to own real estate in Turkey, are affected by the many auxiliary laws, and the presence of large numbers of Arab communities in Turkey has encouraged them.

The tax cuts helped them make their decision, as they acknowledged the profits that would be achieved.

Although the UAE does not allow Turks to own real estate on its land, Turkey does not adopt the principle of reciprocity.


6- Real estate diversity and low prices:

This aspect gave them comprehensive options in front of them, in addition to the fact that real estate prices in Turkey are low and appropriate, as well as of high quality, great design, and distinctive specifications.


7- Tourist character:

Turkey is characterized as a first-class tourist and is the destination of every tourist around the world because it has all the elements of integrated tourism from historical and archaeological landmarks, in addition to the countless natural manifestations. Thus Turkey receives millions of tourists annually; Antalya receives one a year. In the current 2021 AD, large numbers, as well as Istanbul.


The existence of common denominators between Arab and Turkish society:

Religion, customs, and traditions represent this, and the flexible nature of Turkish society has attracted their attention. All these factors will contribute to the speed of their integration with Turkish society.


The most attractive Turkish cities for Emirati investors:

Istanbul is at the fore, as it is not only a destination for Emiratis but also for anyone looking for real estate for sale in Turkey because it:

  • It sits on the throne of the Asian and European continents.
  • Its climate is distinct and temperate throughout the year.
  • Its infrastructure is well-developed, and many development projects contribute to real estate investment success.
  • A tourist destination is rich in its charming nature and attractions.
  • Istanbul is witnessing urban transformation projects that will significantly increase real estate prices, which is an opportunity to earn profits.

The reasons that prompted Emirati investors to buy real estate in Turkey are the ones that motivated others to take this step. What calls for attention to the importance of real estate investment in Turkey is that there are many advantages.

Not only the Emiratis but most of the Arab Gulf countries, real estate investment in Turkey was an option for them.



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