How can I invest in real estate in Turkey?

How can I invest in real estate in Turkey?

How can I invest in real estate in Turkey?
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Last update 17-02-2023
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This is one of the common questions that may arise in the minds of those who are about to invest in real estate in Turkey .... How can real estate investment be made in Turkey? What are how the large profits come? Are real estate investment methods in Turkey safe? Or does it have certain drawbacks? .... All these details will be covered through the following lines.

-These are the most important ways to invest in real estate in Turkey... Learn about them:

Types of real estate investments that exist in Turkey in general:

1- Invest in real estate commercially:

This type of investment is one of the options offered to investors, and many of them choose it. This is because Turkey contains all the ingredients necessary for the success of commercial real estate investment... Among the most prominent ingredients is a stable and prosperous economy that guarantees the investor that his investment will remain at a single pace without wiggling.

What makes this choice right is that Turkey contains a wide variety of commercial real estate, the most prominent of which are: offices/shops / which are considered the best option, based on the fact that Turkey is characterized by its touristic nature, so it is visited every year by a large number of tourists/stores that also result in profits Abundant/mega malls in which Turkey is famous constitute a suitable option/hotels are also an investment with satisfactory results.

2- Invest in residential property:

One of the most important real estate investments in Turkey is the investment of residential real estate .... Turkey contains many residential properties: such as independent apartments/apartments of residential complexes/villas/duplexes/penthouses/triplexes.

It is also possible to choose a ready-made property, and the one still under construction can be chosen... The first is more expensive than the other, and based on the buyer's financial budget, which of the two types will be selected?

3- Invest in an industrial property:

Turkey includes several cities and industrial areas that attract industrial investors to it... It is a good idea, especially since industrial real estate has received great government attention and support, as it dropped many of the taxes imposed... One of the most prominent cases exempted from real estate taxes (the first five years From the date of property acquisition) (is solid waste) .... its profits are high.

4- Invest in real estate renovation:

This type of investment falls under the name of real estate development... It is to buy old properties, consider repairing them, and then resell them at a higher price, benefitingresell from the price difference.

Some consider that this investment method is a revival of old real estate.

5- Invest incomplete buildings:

Usually, the owners of giant massive projects prefer to choose the investment of a complete building, as it is suitable to be the headquarters of a huge company, a medical center, or an educational institution... Moreover, the profits that will result from it will undoubtedly be high.

Real estate investment in Turkey in its famous forms:

1- Renting out the property:

A Turkish country receives tourists, investors, and students every year. Therefore, renting real estate and benefiting from its financial returns will undoubtedly be the right idea... In general, the profits of this type of investment will be high, especially during the tourist season.

2- Reselling the property again:

Also, this is an investment idea that many people resort to, as they buy real estate at a fair or relatively cheap price and resell it when conditions improve and real estate prices rise... However, this method of investment requires patience and a long wait.

Is it possible for real estate investment in Turkey to be a project free from defects or negatives?

It certainly has a negative side, but it can be remedied by adhering to some tips and following well-thought-out rules...

One of the most important of these negatives is that it may be challenging to find tenants due to a defect in the property, which may be in its location or specifications, and many other related details.

So, the options are many for those looking for a way to invest their real estate... He must first determine the type of real estate and then determine the method in which he would like to invest it.

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