Advantages of buying a property in Kucukcekmece

Advantages of buying a property in Kucukcekmece

Advantages of buying a property in Kucukcekmece
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The charming city of Istanbul is one of the most important and most famous cities in Turkey and the whole world, and it is divided into two parts, European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul by the Bosphorus, and the city has many ingredients that make it suitable for real estate investment in Turkey as it is the economic capital of the country as well as Being one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, in addition to the great diversity of its real estate and investment projects, which attracts foreign investors and pushes them to establish more real estate projects that will benefit them and make an abundant profit for them.

And if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, then you may be confused by the many options and many areas, but in this article, we will talk about one of the most important areas for buying a property in Istanbul, which is Kucukcekmece with its features mentioned, so follow us.


Where is Kucukcekmece located?
Küçük Çimmajah is located in the European part of Istanbul in the southern part and has one of the most beautiful sites, as it is bordered on the western side by the distinctive Küçük Chimje lake, on the eastern side we find the Bagcilar and Bahcelievler regions, while it is bordered on the north by the Basaksehir district, and from the south by Bakr region Koi.

The area extends over an area of ​​37.73 square kilometers and has a good population density due to its distinctive location, rich in green spaces, as well as its proximity to the wonderful lake.


Transportation in Kucukcekmece:
The area has a dense transportation network that has contributed to attracting people to buy real estate and settle in it, as it passes through the metro-boss area and the metro in addition to the presence of public buses and taxis, and we do not forget the Marmaray train that departs from it to reach the city of Gebze.


Service facilities in Kucukcekmece:
- Educational institutions: The region includes a large number of schools that cover all educational stages from elementary to preparatory and secondary, in addition to the presence of some well-known universities, perhaps the most important of which are: Al-Zaeem Turkish University and Istanbul Ariel University, which makes it a suitable place to buy real estate for students.
- Health facilities: Kucukcekmece contains some hospitals and health centers that provide the best types of care to patients and visitors, the most important of which is Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Hospital, which is considered one of the most famous hospitals in the region, which provides its services free of charge to patients, and people from all go to it The neighboring areas because it contains the best technical and medical personnel, as well as modern advanced equipment.
- Highways: The value of the investment area has increased due to its presence between the two most important highways in Istanbul, which are the E5 and TEM Roads, which are the backbone of life in the city.
- Infrastructure: The region has a strong and distinctive infrastructure, and improvements are constantly being made to it at all levels to ensure a comfortable stay for citizens. Citizen services centers are spread in it that do not hesitate to provide assistance and assistance and facilitate the matters of auditors.

Recreational facilities in Kucukcekmece:
- Gardens: Kucukcekmece is characterized by its richness in gardens and green spaces that extend on the edge of the lake and constitute a suitable place to spend weekends with the family and to practice morning exercises.
- Shopping centers: The area contains an important number of markets and shopping centers, which sell various types of products and suit all tastes and societal groups, the most important of which is Arena Park Mall, which includes more than 100 shops belonging to the finest Turkish and international brands in addition to a number From restaurants and cafes, as well as bowling alleys, cinemas, and other entertainment facilities.

Advantages of buying a property in Kucukcekmece:
Today, the region is considered one of the most important destinations for investors to invest in real estate in Istanbul, and its proximity to the Istanbul water canal project and the new Istanbul airport helped it, in addition to the great services present in it, and we do not forget the interest that the government pays to this region and for this, it has spread Different types of real estate such as residential complexes, villas, and regular apartments, and within a few years, the area was able to transform from a slum area to an organized area containing the best real estate projects.

As for real estate prices, it is suitable for everyone from all societal groups, and therefore it is one of the best places to buy a property in Istanbul, so what are you waiting for? Hurry to get the apartment of a lifetime and enjoy all these features.


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