What are the duties of a real estate consultant?

What is the mission of the real estate consultant (real estate agent in Turkey)

What are the duties of a real estate consultant?
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The idea of ​​acquiring real estate in Turkey has become today in many people's minds worldwide, each for a specific goal. 

Complete with all the details and laws of real estate in this country, they need someone to help them do them, and the best thing to use is a real estate consultant. 

But where is the importance of this consultant, and what services does he provide? We can find this information in the following article... You ask, and we answer.

duties of a real estate consultant

What are the duties of a real estate consultant?

1- You rarely find someone who buys real estate in Turkey without the help of a real estate consultant, as he has a lot of information and long experience in the Turkish real estate market. He will provide the client with a lot of information that helps him to do what he is doing.

2- We must mention that the real estate advisor will save real estate buyers time, effort, and fatigue and reveal any legal errors or pitfalls.

3- It is the fortress that prevents the customer from being a victim of any real estate fraud or fraud, and he will also be keen to bring the customer the option he is looking for while complying with all the specifications that the latter will dictate to him with the best prices as well.

4- The real estate advisor is also aware of all the information related to the area in which the client is looking and will provide him with a forward-looking view of the future state of the property, especially if the client's goal is real estate investment.

5- Honesty and diligence are two characteristics that characterize the real estate consultant, so he must provide all the advice that is required of the client, especially since the latter does not have any experience in this field, and his choice may be incorrect.

6- It is essential to know that the real estate consultant has solid and close relations with the most important construction companies in Turkey and, therefore, will be able to secure the best real estate options at the best prices and discounts.

7- We must mention that he will have a significant role in conducting and supervising real estate legal transactions.

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duties of a real estate consultant?

How can a real estate consultant be selected in Turkey?

Indeed, real estate consultants in Turkey will not be as efficient, as some must outperform others, so certain bases must be followed in choosing them, which are summarized as follows:

-In the beginning, the search process should be carried out from electronic networks, where more than one consultant can be found, and try to discover the best among them.

It is possible to discover whether the consultant is good or not through the information he provides, in which he provides clients with complete credibility and clear transparency.

- We should not be satisfied with talking to him via social media but should be keen to meet him in person and ask him many questions... The more generous he is in answering and expanding the explanation about the region and its future and the status of real estate there, the more this is an indication of the seriousness of dealing with him

- It is helpful to ask about the consultant through the clients who have previously dealt with him; in this way, he will fully guarantee the level that the consultant enjoys, and the consultant who is distinguished for his smooth treatment must be chosen from the clients

It must be noted that the real estate consultant in Turkey must have a certificate of practicing a profession issued by the Turkish government.

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duties of a real estate consultant?

Notes to take into account when choosing a real estate consultant in Turkey:

Care should be taken to have a good reputation, extensive experience, and insight into the real estate market.

He must be careful to be punctual and in his promises, and he must be quick in accomplishing the tasks assigned to him.

- It is essential to provide a lot of advice and advice to the client and not leave him room to choose and select on his own.

So, at the end of this article, we will have a comprehensive idea about the real estate advisor in Turkey and the essential services it provides, and we were keen to present the most important clues that point to a good advisor with the essential points that must be paid attention to.....



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