Real estate investment in Bagcilar

Get to know the advantages of real estate investment in Bagcilar

Real estate investment in Bagcilar
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Investing in real estate in Turkey is a target for many foreign investors, as a result of the advantages and components of real estate in Turkey, in addition to the presence of many suitable areas for buying a property in Turkey, including Istanbul, which is the economic and tourist capital in Turkey and One of the most critical major cities, if not the most important among them, and Istanbul is distinguished by its possession of many areas and neighborhoods that are ideal for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, and when talking about the most critical real estate destinations in Istanbul, the name of the Bagcilar region must pass.


The location of Bagcilar district in Istanbul:

Bagcilar district or neighborhood is located in the European part of Istanbul, considered the high-end part of the city. The area is distinguished by its proximity to the most critical infrastructure projects. The southern side includes the Bahcelievler region and the Winni Bosna region. Gazi Osman Pasha comes to the eastern part of Bagcilar borders. The total area of ​​this region is two hundred twenty-two kilometers.

The bacillar region is distinguished by the fact that a large part of the population there are immigrants to Turkey, especially those coming from Anatolia and the Arab countries, as it is classified as one of the most visited regions in Turkey.


Bagcilar district features:

The continuous progress that the region is witnessing in infrastructure projects and service centers and the increase in the percentage of foreign investments in it, especially in the real estate sector in Turkey and residential real estate in particular, directly contributes to the increase in demand for real estate in the region and raises its investment value in addition to To the fact that Bagcilar district includes many green spaces and parks, as the number of wooded parks in it is one hundred and thirty-three parks, each one of which is distinguished by its modern architectural design, and the area have a cultural center that specializes in displaying books of up to twenty thousand books and many are held in it. Cultural events and festivals.

Also, the streets in Bagcilar district are characterized by being comprehensive and very organized, which contributed to the transformation of the area from a slum area to one of the most organized and upscale areas in the whole city of Istanbul, not just the European part of it.


Advantages of owning real estate in Bagcilar, Istanbul:

Bagcilar is one of the most critical areas for buying real estate in Turkey, as it is distinguished in various aspects of investment, housing, and organization, in addition to having a secure and dense transportation network that guarantees easy transportation to and from the region, the most important of which is the subway and many public buses that It works around the clock to connect the Bagcilar area and its real estate with various parts of Istanbul, which raises the investment value of the real estate in the region as it is close to service and entertainment centers and thanks to the services available in it. Furthermore, it is an elegant and quiet area considered the best for researchers. About apartments in Turkey for housing, as it is considered a residential area par excellence.


Real estate investment in Bagcilar district in Istanbul:

The bacillar region is known thanks to the real estate projects spread in it, which are known as solid investment projects. The most significant part of them is a guaranteed option to achieve investment profits, mainly thanks to investment in the rental sector that achieves profits of up to ten percent, in addition to the fact that the area is very popular with investors. Moreover, foreigners, due to the gradual rise in real estate prices and projects, genuine estate within the projects under construction, which means the possibility of obtaining double and high prices and profits upon delivery of real estate and converting it to ready-to-habitation properties, which attracts many patience investors.

The presence of many important landmarks in the vicinity of the Bagcilar area contributes to giving the issue of real estate investment in it great investment importance, such as being one of the neighborhoods of the main highway Basin Express, which is the artery of Istanbul, so that some have called it the second Maslak area.

Especially since the Basin Express road crosses the city of Istanbul from the north to the south, forming a straight line from the Bakirkoy area near the former Ataturk airport, reaching the new Istanbul airport in the Arnavutkoy area.


Not to mention the public facilities in the region that work to secure everything the people of Bagcilar need, including the most critical government hospitals such as Medipol Hospital and the private thirty-four hospital.

In addition to the presence of many educational institutions, the municipality of Bagcilar has worked to establish several public schools, which number twenty-four public schools, in addition to sixteen private schools and six commercial schools, and of course, there are the most famous international schools in the region that include the best cadres. The teaching area also contains many mosques and different cultural centers.



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