Turkey is the first in the world of real estate investment

Turkey ranks first in the world in the field of real estate investment, according to a study conducted by a global platform

Turkey is the first in the world of real estate investment
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Real estate in Turkey leads the world in increasing the value of an investment, as the real estate sector in Turkey has recently emerged as one of the most attractive investment destinations for investors around the world, and this has accompanied the remarkable renaissance that Turkey has witnessed at all levels in recent years. In addition to Turkey's strategic location, historical importance, and remarkable and rich geographical diversity.

This remarkable renaissance in Turkey was positively reflected in its real estate market through the high quality of construction, its modernity, and its luxury standards, as Turkey ranked first among many countries in the world where an evaluation study was conducted to increase the investment value of its property, during the second quarter of The current year 2020, compared to the second quarter of the previous year 2019. As a result, the increase in the value of the investment in Turkey's real estate in the mentioned period is 11.6%."

The study conducted by the global platform included 50 countries of the world, and Turkey ranked first among these countries, followed by the Philippines, Germany, Slovakia, and Estonia. In addition, real estate in Turkey is the first in the world in terms of investment value.

Real estate in Turkey has been a magnet for business people to invest in Turkey, thanks to the excellent facilities granted to investors in recent years, which made it the world's number one in terms of high investment value.


Real estate investment in Turkey and its advantages

Of course, every investment has positive and negative points, but Turkey has always been known as a safe country for successful real estate investment; where essential real estate investment in Turkey attracts investors to it and makes capital flow to enter it, and there is no doubt that high-income real estate has been known for its importance as assets characterized by many attractive factors, the most important of which are High returns, and the possibility of obtaining financing, are among the essential advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, we mention:

I am obtaining a fixed, continuous, and guaranteed monthly financial return.
Increasing the value of the capital or increasing the value of the property in the long term, that is, the value of the property after several years will increase, and therefore, Your capital will increase.
This type of long-term investment is known as extra savings for retirement and a guarantee for the family.
The increasing and continuous demand on the rental market guarantees a stable additional income, whether the property is new or old.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property with a value of no less than 250 thousand US dollars, and perhaps this type of decision is the best, especially after the Turkish government allowed every investor to buy a property with the mentioned value and the possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship with his family, by purchasing any type Types of real estate, whether it is an apartment, an office, a villa, or a shop.

The Turkish government is working very seriously on this matter, especially since a large group of investors obtained Turkish citizenship within 90 days of completing the purchase. This procedure and other Turkish government facilities encouraged dozens of Arab investors and neighboring countries to make real estate investments in Turkey to collect profits and obtain citizenship, which is significant since the Turkish economy is rapidly growing and the real estate market is witnessing a continuous recovery, according to the statistics that are conducted monthly.


Why is Turkish real estate investment the most successful?

There must be many characteristics that Turkey enjoys from other neighboring countries. These characteristics and qualities have earned Turkey this continuous success and prosperity. However, the real estate market in Turkey never knows comfort. The unremitting efforts and solid will must bear fruit. One of the most important and robust prominent features of the real estate market in Turkey is that it is an emerging and robust market, as it is ranked second in the world in terms of activity and the most robust construction market in the world.

According to studies specialized in categorizing the most powerful countries in real estate investment, Turkey ranked fourth in the list of the top ten real estate investment sites. Due to each of the components it possesses and the infrastructure, we do not forget the facilities the Turkish government provides to foreign investors who wish to own real estate in Turkey.

In addition to all of the above, Turkey's strategic geographical location around the world is one of the most significant contributing factors to making Turkey a center for foreign investments, as it is a link between Europe and Asia.

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