What are the advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

Istanbul was and still is the ideal and typical choice that many investors worldwide aspire to be a haven for them, as it possesses all the ingredients that make the investment successful and distinguished.

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Istanbul was and still is the ideal and exemplary choice that many investors worldwide aspire to be a haven for them, as it has all the ingredients that make the investment successful and distinct. Still, West draws good attention to the fact that this compliment we offer about the city of Istanbul does not negate its importance. The rest of the other Turkish cities are distinguished in this field... Based on this, many questions are raised in this regard... What are those details that make Istanbul a pioneer in investment? What are the most important investment projects that can be established in it?

All these points we will discuss through the following lines .... You can continue.


Where does the distinction lie in making Istanbul an investment home?

1- In the beginning, the city of Istanbul is the center of the Turkish state, the economic capital, and the main engine for all the activities in the country.

2- Istanbul has many distinctive and vital development projects, which is surprising and the eyes of investors that every year we witness the presence of more new projects; for example, last year, we witnessed the presence of the new Istanbul Airport, which replaced Ataturk International Airport, and this year we witnessed the presence of The new Istanbul Water Canal, whose cornerstone was laid a few days ago. We do not know what the coming days will hold as well... But we know these projects can make any investment closer to success and excellence.

3- Istanbul today has one of the most critical medical cities in Turkey and Europe... It is the medical city of Basaksehir, which has many advantages and rare specialties.

4- It is also distinguished at the level of education, as today, the most critical public and private universities grant internationally recognized degrees.

5- We must mention its excellent geographical location, as it sits on the throne of two important continents, namely, the Asian continent and the European continent .... which allows investors to move from one place to another with absolute ease and perhaps link business with each other. This investor will have an opportunity to obtain a lot of profits.

6- The Turkish government pays a lot of attention to the infrastructure of the city of Istanbul, so we see that there are many plans to develop it and add modern touches to it... This is prominent through its highways and the number of transportation lines that increase from time to time.

7- With the many real estates diversifying, the investor must find what he is looking for, whether a residential, commercial, or industrial property, and so on from many real estate types.

8- It is essential to mention the tourist importance that the city of Istanbul enjoys, based on its excellent tourist sites, such as historical and archaeological monuments, such as palaces and castles, and so on, in addition to many different aspects of nature, which is the leading destination for any tourist... This aspect contributes significantly to making any investment an outstanding success and distinction .... as well as this aspect, gives the individual more culture, knowledge, and access to more diverse civilizations.

9- Also, the city of Istanbul contains a great diversity of different residential areas that suit all groups and classes of society, so whoever says (that real estate prices in Istanbul are high in a way that does not suit many people), what he brought is wrong because Istanbul includes its real estate price areas It is high. There are areas where real estate prices are medium. There are low ones that are considered low.


What are the most prominent investments in the Turkish city of Istanbul?

Among the many investment diversities, it is most likely that real estate investment is the best, as it has many advantages..... It is a way to obtain Turkish citizenship if the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and it should not be sold Three years before the date of its purchase... the first gateway to obtaining excellence and a better life.

At the end of this article, we can discern the advantages and importance of investing in the Turkish city of Istanbul... But, is the one who chooses it the right choice?




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