There are many types of real estate in Turkey. Learn about them

What are the most important types of real estate that you can find in Turkey?

There are many types of real estate in Turkey. Learn about them
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Perhaps one of the most prominent things that made real estate investment in Turkey distinctive and preferred by many people is that it possesses multiple and different types of real estate among them, which makes the investor or the person who loves to acquire real estate on a date with what he wants to obtain, as Turkey is comprehensive in this respect and perhaps the article The following will be the best guide that will take us on a detailed tour among the most important types of real estate that we can find in Turkey.

What are the most important types of real estate that you can find in Turkey?

1- Residential properties: 

Both types of apartments:

As we know that the most demanded types of real estate are apartments, and in Turkey, they have a different situation, as they are not of one type, but of two different types and differ in many details. The first type is the regular apartments that are located outside the residential complexes, which are like any other apartment in The world is not characterized by many superior specifications and the services provided to it are modest, except for those allocated to them by the Turkish government. The prices of these apartments are simple and modest, and many people can buy them. As for the other type of apartments, they are located within the residential complexes and are characterized by luxury, quality, and high technologies And the many services that provide its residents with absolute luxury and comfort, as it enjoys a charming and unique view, but what is wrong with it is that its price is high, and this is not compatible with many people.


The Turkish state is also famous for the many villas that it owns, and all of them are distinguished, as the unique view, high specifications, quality in the interior and exterior designs, and a lot of the surrounding services, and their prices start acceptable to reach the same high price. desired goal.

Duplex apartments:

The duplex apartments are two floors on top of each other and are like a small villa with the same specifications, and this type of apartment is enough to connect its residents to complete privacy, and the duplex apartments can bear the numbers of somewhat large family members.

Triplex apartments:

As for this type of apartments, it consists of three floors on top of each other, and this is actually suitable for large family members, many people choose it as it provides them with privacy and can also be used in another way besides housing, such as renting a floor or allocating it to an office.

Penthouse apartments:

Those who wish to get this type of apartment should go to the residential complexes, as they are located on the last floors of them. They are characterized by having very large areas, and they are isolated and surrounded by glass facades, and the character of calm prevails over them, and they suit the owners of high taste because they are very luxurious, However, it is very expensive, which is difficult for many to afford.

2- Commercial proeprties:

Offices and shops:

And what is the most of this type of commercial in Turkey, and we must know that office have different types, it can be a law office, it can be an engineering or real estate office, and so on of many types. As for the shops, they are multiple and varied as well, starting with those carrying foodstuffs. And the end of carrying clothes and the like.

Educational and medical facilities:

Also, these two categories fall under the name of commercial real estate, which is very common in Turkey. It is possible to invest through educational institutions, and it will certainly come loaded with the desired fruits, as the idea of ​​education in Turkey is required. As for medical facilities, they are also very widespread in Turkey. This country is famous for the quality of The medical services it provides and its distinguished cadres, which confirms the correctness of choosing to acquire this type of real estate.

3-Tourist real estate:

Restaurants and cafes:

Since Turkey is a tourist country, it is natural that tourist real estate is strongly present in it, the most important of which are restaurants and cafes, and the idea of ​​choosing this type of real estate is very correct, as the percentage of profits that it earns is large and several experiences are confirming the validity of this saying, but the appropriate place should be chosen for it until it comes with the expected fruits.


Also, these tourists will need a place to stay, not better than hotels in Turkey, where the wonderful view and the lively and active place in which it is located, which is an idea for many investors, but it is necessary to know the selection of the right place for it so that its results are satisfactory.


Many malls are located on the land of Turkey, some of them are famous and some are submerged, but they are integrated places in their own right, which many tourists around the world prefer to visit, so they will have impressive results.

Finally, we can really acknowledge the large number of real estate types that exist in Turkey and without exaggeration in the matter and the previous lines are the best evidence of what was mentioned, after viewing them, selection can be made very easily.

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