Best times to buy property in Turkey

Get to know the best times to buy real estate in Turkey with the cheapest prices

Best times to buy property in Turkey
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Last update 23-12-2022
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As we note these days, Turkey is on the throne of progress and development and parallels the major countries in all fields, as it witnessed a great economic renaissance during the past few years, which reflected positively on various sectors, so we find it a pioneer in the health field as well as in the field of education without mentioning its achievements. In the industrial and trade sector, and certainly in the tourism sector as well, and all this had a positive impact on the real estate market in Turkey, as people began dreaming to travel to and reside in it, and this prompted them to search for suitable properties for them, and here foreign investors began directing Their eyes are on Turkey and do real estate investment projects in it.

And if you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey or want to enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, you must gain knowledge of the fundamentals of the real estate market, including the right time to buy and sell real estate in Turkey, and this is what we will talk about in this article, so follow with us.


How do I determine the right time to buy real estate in Turkey?

When you want to enter the real estate world, you must study the real estate market in Turkey in detail and pay attention to the times when the market is active, as there are times when the demand for real estate increases for some reason and therefore real estate prices rise with it, and in return, there are some times when it decreases Demand and supply increase, and thus prices drop dramatically, and here is a golden opportunity to buy cheap apartments in Turkey.

You can also seek the help of real estate experts and consultants who provide you with useful advice regarding the most appropriate time to buy or sell the property.


Certainly, when you stay in touch close to the real estate market, you will have many opportunities, as someone may have to sell his property in a hurry, either due to financial hardship or due to travel, for example, and here you can significantly reduce the price of the property or apartment to win a very profitable deal!

And do not forget to compare the real estate, its location, and condition, and if it is ready for delivery under construction, because the prices of the properties under construction are low when compared with the ready real estate, and you can benefit from them after they are ready, as their price rises a lot, thus earning abundant profits.


When is the best time to buy and sell real estate in Turkey?

The real estate sector in Turkey is greatly affected by the seasons and seasons, and its movement and activity vary from month to month depending on the surrounding economic and commercial conditions, in the spring season and a challenge in the fifth and sixth month of the year the real estate market is active significantly and this is due to the improvement of climatic conditions. And the end of the school year and the start of the summer vacation, as many people postpone their move from home and buy new properties until this time, so the demand for real estate increases dramatically, and in return, the supply by investors and apartment owners increases.


As for the summer season, it is considered the favorite season for anyone who owns an apartment in a tourist area, and that is certainly since the tourism sector in Turkey is very active during this season and tourists from all over the world come to Turkey, which ranks seventh as the best tourist destination, and thus the demand increases greatly. Real estate, especially real estate located on the coasts and in tourist areas, the property owner can benefit from renting it or even selling it at the most expensive prices.

But, surprisingly, the best time to buy real estate in Turkey is the winter season, and this is because the movement of the real estate market dampens significantly in this season and people tend to stay in their homes due to the difficult climate and rain, and thus the demand for real estate will significantly decrease and in return. The offers submitted by investors, real estate companies, and apartment owners will remain without a buyer, and this is what gives the buyer the preference to negotiate with the owner of the property and get a profitable deal to buy the property at the cheapest possible price.


And we do not forget that there is a type of real estate that greatly reduces the demand in the winter season, which are apartments with a sea or tourist view, because the winter tourism season is not at its best, and here you can seize the opportunity to buy a coastal apartment with a distinctive view at a low price.

The real estate companies will focus their attention greatly on the customer and do their best to find what suits them due to the lack of great competition for real estate, and this will ensure that you get a property suitable for the specifications you prefer.


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