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Educational Facilities

The most important universities in the Bagcilar region
1- Altınbaş Üniversitesi University:
Altinbas University was founded in 2008 by the Mehmet Al-Tinbas Foundation for Education and Culture under the name "Istanbul Kemerburgaz University", which is its old name, and the university has adopted its new name "Altenbas University" since 2017.
The university is located in the city of Istanbul in the European section of the Bagcilar region, specifically in the Mahmud Bey neighbourhood. The university occupies a good position in terms of academic ranking among all Turkish universities

One of the reasons that increased students' demand for her is that she teaches health colleges such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. It is one of the few private universities in Istanbul that teaches these disciplines. It is noteworthy that the approved language of instruction is English and Turkish, and the language of instruction varies according to the required specialization. The university also offers university housing
Altinbas is one of the best private Turkish universities that are interested in selecting the strongest academic staff to add value to global knowledge and to ensure its global structure, international cooperation, and creative and competitive vision that enables students to enhance their experiences to ensure the emergence and distinction of every student who graduated from it among a crowd of competitors.

The university also offers scholarships to students and helps them find job opportunities for them at the university.

Schools in Bagcilar District:
public schools :
People between the ages of 7 and 22 make up one-third of the active population in Bagcilar. Although it is one of the regions with the highest primary school enrollment rate, there is still a significant lack of education as there are many unregistered immigrant families in the region of 600,000 inhabitants.

Bagcilar Anadolu Lises
Dündar Uçar Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
Atatürk Ortaokulu . Middle School
· Private schools:
Bağcılar private schools support the students' academic development in broad learning environments, as well as their development in the social and cultural fields. Private schools are among the category that parents prefer in the first place because they provide a more qualified and excellent education than state institutions.

There are 187 schools in Bagcilar, 104 of which are public schools, and 83 private schools. Also, the municipality will build an additional 26 schools.

According to the statement issued by the municipality of Bagcilar, the construction of schools in the region, which began with the contribution of the Ministry of National Education, the Governor of Istanbul, the municipality of Bagcilar and the owners of charitable works, is continuing in full swing, so that Bagcilar, with all its services, remains in the first ranks as the best areas of Istanbul.

Private schools aim to create smart generations based on the latest educational methods and provide their students with various activities and public facilities equipped with the best possible equipment, such as gyms, restaurants, computer rooms, libraries, laboratories, smart boards, gardens, laboratories and others

The following are the names of some private schools in Bagcilar:

Özel Güneşli Bil Okulları . Primary Private School
Bağcılar Key College
Anadolu Private High School Güneşli Yeniay

Arab International Schools:
The Bagcilar district includes a selection of the best Arab international schools in Istanbul. These schools are distinguished by providing high-quality services in addition to the presence of a full staff of the best teachers with different specializations,

Names of the Arab International Schools:
1- Al-Safir International Schools, which teach the American curriculum
2- Al-Fayez International Schools, which teach the Jordanian curriculum
3- The Syrian Canadian School, which teaches the Canadian curriculum
4- The Arab International School, which teaches the Libyan curriculum
5- The Libyan Model School, which also teaches the Libyan curriculum
6- Al-Yasmeen International School, which adopts the Palestinian-British curriculum

These schools compete to provide the best services to their students, and one school may include dozens of different nationalities. Registration fees vary according to the language taught in the school, but in general, it starts from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.




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Married : 62%

Unmarried : 30%

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