Mistakes that must be avoided when buying a property in Turkey

Here are some mistakes that must be avoided when buying a property in Turkey

Mistakes that must be avoided when buying a property in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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It is necessary to pay attention to essential property details to avoid falling into errors, some of which may be a reason for your loss when buying a property in Turkey.


Lack of attention to all negative and positive properties of the property:

You must be well aware of the idea that having a feature you are looking for in the property that you have chosen should not make you turn a blind eye to the presence of negatives in it; for example, if you want to buy an apartment in Turkey with a large area and of course, the price of the property is directly proportional to its size, that is, You will pay a more significant sum, and therefore you will work to buy a large property in a remote area to save money, but what you do not think about by your behavior is that this property is more remote from your workplace and from service, educational and entertainment centers, which makes reaching it more stressful And more time consuming on the one hand and for the expenses of transportation and delivery services, meaning in other words that your intense focus in obtaining the purchase of an apartment in Turkey with a large area at the expense of the location advantage may make you incur additional hardships.

The same idea applies to the case of buying cheap property in the suburbs or outskirts of the city. Although you got an attractive deal in terms of price, the distance of the property from the city center will make commuting to it daily tricky most significant.


Lack of interest in buying real estate in places with an investment future:

It is necessary to think about the annual growth rate in real estate prices in Turkey, as it is no secret that the real estate market in Turkey is characterized by rapid growth, which makes it imperative that you, if you want to enter into a long-term investment, think about the Tibetan regions that achieve the most significant rate of annual growth in prices Real estate, for example, choosing to buy a property in the city center will not be a good deal as these properties are of high prices and are not suitable for a long-term investment for more than five years.

Therefore, it is imperative to buy real estate in Turkey in areas witnessing a recent urban renaissance or in real estate close to the projects currently under construction, as they may be non-vital or essential. Still, the critical at present will become strategic areas after operating these essential projects.


Choosing ready-to-live real estate in Turkey for real estate investment:

The real estate market in Turkey is known to be very diverse and includes various possible options from residential and commercial real estate, and one of the real estate classifications includes ready-to-live and under-construction properties; the difference between them is that the first is directly habitable and fully equipped in terms of external and internal cladding. You can get the real estate title deed immediately after signing the contract. Still, the disadvantages of this type of real estate are that their prices are higher than the prices of the second type, i.e., the real estate under construction. You must pay the total property price immediately without installments or payments under construction. Real estate is the ideal choice for those wishing to achieve investment returns through Turkey real estate, as it is cheaper. You. You. Still, you can prepare it as you wish and by your choice; in addition, you will not have to pay the total; amount immediately, but the price will be paid in installments in the form of convenient payments for an extended period.


Rush to buy a property in Turkey:

The great diversity in the available options offered by the real estate market in Turkey may be a double-edged sword, which means that the search process that you must perform must be vigorous and intense to get a good deal, as there are many competitive offers, and you make a decision. Swift may mean that you missed the opportunity to get a better price, and not getting a good deal within a short period, or the failure of several deals that you were trying to conclude, should not be a reason for your impatience or losing the hope of obtaining a drug that fulfills your desires. Still, on the contrary, you should not Lower your ambitions and begin to make concessions to obtain a property in Turkey and make sure that the market is vast and rich in excellent opportunities you are waiting to reach. It is only a matter of time, and it requires you to be patient and clever and not allow your feelings to affect you while making decisions.


Failure to act flexibly with your budget:

Yes, it is wise to be aware of your budget and to know the area in which you can act in it, and it is wise not to exceed the financial budget that you have previously studied and determined. Still, you must know that raising your budget, even if by a small percentage, will enable you to obtain an apartment in Turkey has impressive advantages, even if a small amount estimates the increase in the budget.

As the situation in Turkey is similar to any country in the world, as the location of the property, its area, and its design vary greatly with very slight differences in the price, it can be said that adding a small amount can allow you to own an apartment of three rooms and a lounge instead of two rooms and a lounge only.


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