Real estate fraud in Turkey .... its forms and consequences, and how do you deal with it?

What are the most important forms of real estate fraud, and how can it be avoided in Turkey?

Real estate fraud in Turkey .... its forms and consequences, and how do you deal with it?
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Last update 19-04-2023
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There are always things that preoccupy someone who is about to buy real estate, especially if he is in a foreign place. Of course, he has regulations and laws that differ from what he is accustomed to in his country, so he needs a guide to guide him and clarify the most critical details in this country, but what about Turkey? Are there specific rules about it? What are the essential points that an investor should take into consideration? The following article will discuss the most critical issue real estate buyers in Turkey may face... Real estate fraud and all the points related to it.


We should know what real estate fraud is.

It is a method, or in a more real sense, the method that the real estate seller takes to manipulate certain things on the buyer. But, of course, the fact that the buyer has neither experience nor sufficient knowledge in the real estate field in Turkey, he will be an easy victim who falls into the trap set for him, and to avoid all of this, he must arm himself with extreme caution and expand his research in this field before taking any step in it.


What are the most important forms of real estate fraud, and how can they be remedied in Turkey?

1- The price is not commensurate with the property:

If the property buyer is exposed to such a point, he must detect the manipulation immediately. The issue needs only a slight focus. Is the required price for the property commensurate with its specifications or not? Proportional to the area in which it is located or not? Is it commensurate with the service package that is close to it or not? And many of those questions that he can ask himself... Many real estate sellers ask for an irrational price, and, unfortunately, some fall victim to him due to his lack of awareness of the facts.


2- That the intermediary body is not authorized to practice the profession:

As a result of the great demand for the real estate market in Turkey, the Turkish state has allowed the existence of many real estate companies, real estate brokers, and marketing companies, but on the other hand, some parties are not authorized to practice this profession, and that use methods and methods to attract the investor to it and expect it through its fraud nets... For example, low prices are offered to him. It gives him the wrong information. Therefore, we must know who we are dealing with.


3- Impersonation of the actual owner of the property:

This method is considered one of the most common methods in Turkey today, so it is necessary to beware of it and pay attention to the person who deals with it. The identity of the actual property owner can be confirmed by looking at the title deed or by referring to the real estate registry, but this is also not enough, as the manipulator can By falsifying papers and changing facts with high skill and long experience in this regard, therefore, to avoid falling into such a matter, the use of a real estate agent with experience and skill in this matter should not be abandoned, as it can detect any deception and fraud attempts.


4- Convince the buyer that he is suitable for Turkish citizenship, even though it is not following the conditions for obtaining it through the property:

Many real estate buyers in Turkey today are taking this step to obtain Turkish citizenship... Here comes the role of real estate fraudsters as they try to convince the customer that despite the price that does not match the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is appropriate... Therefore, it must Be very aware of such offers.


5- By selling a property under construction:

There is also a method of real estate fraud that is considered dangerous, as Turkey is famous for selling real estate under construction; that is, it is still on the scheme. If the buyer deals with an unreliable party, it will be easy to manipulate him... Therefore, you must pay close attention.


The most prominent solutions to not fall into the real estate fraud trap:

  • It is worthwhile to deal with a trusted party.
  • Choosing a successful and competent lawyer to review all documents and documents and ensure their validity.
  • If the purchased property is on the plan, care must be taken to amend any defect that occurs or any details that were not agreed upon.

Upon completing an article, the reader will be well aware of everything he may encounter when buying real estate in Turkey, acquainting him with the most prominent methods of real estate fraud and how to avoid them... Perhaps it was helpful.




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