Real estate companies in Istanbul

Get to know the services of real estate companies in Istanbul

Real estate companies in Istanbul
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Last update 23-12-2022
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The real estate sector in Turkey has boomed tremendously and has managed to attract many investors and businessmen from all over the world, especially in the charming city of Istanbul, and that, of course, is due to its economic and tourist importance, as many tourists, students, and Workers as well, and for this, it was necessary to diversify the forms of real estate to suit everyone. 

Therefore, real estate companies in Istanbul have spread widely, but what is their importance? And what do you offer to someone who wants to buy or sell a property in Turkey?


The importance of real estate companies in Istanbul:

The importance of real estate companies comes from the fact that they save a lot of time and effort for the two parties, the investor and the seller, in addition to the great diversity in the forms and prices of real estate, which may confuse the buyer and enter him into a cycle of thinking, especially if he is a foreigner and is unfamiliar with the real estate market in Turkey.


Services provided by real estate companies in Istanbul:

- Reception services for clients:

As many companies receive their customers from the airport, in case the investor is a foreigner and a stranger on Turkish territory, it also allows him to be delivered to the hotel he wants with a driver and a private car, so you will not worry about being lost on Turkish territory.


- Real estate consulting:

One of the most important services provided by real estate companies is the provision of many real estate experts familiar with the real estate market in Turkey, as they can provide advice regarding real estate investment in Turkey and rent the best way to invest your money in Istanbul real estate while making profits.


- Assistance in legal affairs:

Real estate companies have a distinguished cadre of lawyers specializing in real estate affairs, to complete all the transactions and papers necessary to buy a property in Istanbul, to ensure the legal progress of the process, to ensure that real estate bonds and title deeds are proven, and to prevent problems.


- Translation services:

Within the real estate companies in Istanbul, specialized and trained staff is available to translate all papers from and into the Turkish language, as well as communicate with clients and investors who do not speak the Turkish language, according to their mother tongue, to understand all the steps, know their desires and find the right property for them.


- Discounts and special offers:

Among the things that characterize real estate companies in Istanbul are the attractive offers on real estate prices, which the customer cannot obtain when dealing with the seller directly, and with this we find that the prevailing saying that dealing with real estate companies is a waste of money is incorrect, on the contrary, as you can To significantly save in addition to the offers for comfortable installments on real estate in a manner that does not cause financial hardship to the buyer.


- Real estate rental:

If you own a property and do not need to live in it, you can entrust it to a real estate company to rent it periodically and pay attention to all its details and transactions without burdening yourself with that. To take care of it and pay the bills until it comes back.


- Online communication:

There are many real estate companies in Istanbul that have electronic websites through which you can browse to know the latest offers and developments with the availability of pictures of real estate and details of prices with the possibility of direct communication with the staff to inquire about everything that interests you without the need to come to the company's headquarters.


- Project site tours:

Through real estate companies in Istanbul, you can make visits on the ground to the place of the real estate project to verify the specifications written in the contract, and these are among the most important steps when you want to buy a property in Istanbul, and you should not do without them.


How to ensure the reliability of real estate companies in Istanbul:

It is necessary to ask within the real estate market in Turkey about the company's reputation and take evaluations from its former clients, and you can also ask your friends and relatives about the companies they deal with and do not forget to search on the Internet for evaluations of the real estate company and to consult experts Real Estate to ensure its reliability and credibility and to ensure that you are not exposed to fraud.


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